Holy cow, I thought Friday was just a myth. This week I've sat through 2 full-day software demos, and as much as I enjoy dreaming about having new software that will help streamline work, they get tiring. I'm not sure exactly what is so tiring about sitting on my tail for about 6 hours out of my work day listening to people talk and taking notes, but it is! I feel more tired after a day like that than I do after a completely crazy day!
But enough complaining, we're here for some FUN!

So without further adue adou adieu...

This week, my #1 spot of complete and utter high fiveness goes to... ME! I got my very first Temple Recommend! Of course, I talked all about it earlier this week but this, my friends, could possibly be on my high five list for years to come (but I promise it won't be, just in my head). If you don't know what this is, then check out my posty-post about it.

Ok. There's a lot of complaining going on down here in South Carolina about why it's April and yet our mornings are still in the 30's and 40's. Well, I just look at it like this... it gives me a longer "hot chocolate" season! Because you know you can't be drinking hot chocolate in South Carolina in June, that's like eating ice cream during a blizzard. You just don't do it.

This weekend weather is going to be great. I'm not going to lie, I'm really thriving for those hot summer days and all but Spring (when we get one around here) is so nice. When it's warm enough for shorts but you can still pull off a long sleeve shirt with it. Ahhh.. it just makes my soul happy thinking about it.

Big. New. Cheap. Watches.
I can beat a watch up harder than Chris and Rhianna. So expensive watches? Um, only on date nights! The rest of the week I'll happily sport my cheapo from Cato. And by the way, why can't I take a decent picture of my wrist without my hands looking ginormous??

Orange Fluff! I'm not sure if this is just a Mormon thing, but this stuff is AWESOME. It's a side, it's a dessert, it's a snack! Hey, I'm thinking it could be main course! I got my recipe from Six Sister and there are a lot of alternatives to change it up. But seriously, it's light, it's orangy.. it's perfect for Spring! And I can eat my body weight in it and I did.

Here's to Friday! And hoping that everyone out there bloggy land has a great one!

I'm linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk for High Five for Friday!

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