This Friday isn't really feeling like a Friday because how can it be a Friday when your boss scheduled a meeting first thing in the morning? Who does that on a Friday? I guess it's better than having it on a Monday.

I went a little overboard on the pink. I don't know.

Who spent last Saturday at the LDS Temple in ATL? Yup, I know I already told you about all that.The more I see, learn and prepare for my first time going through the Temple, the more excited I get.

Ok. I'm going to be fully honest here. I used to make fun of people I saw walking around carrying bottles of Perrier. Oh, look.. Ms. Hoity Toity has to have bubbly water, too good for the old fashion stuff. Heavens forbid she have to drink out of a fountain! Um. This stuff is GOOD! Like, hey I like some carbonation with my water, thank you! Had I stopped and tasted it before making fun of it  I would have been on this bandwagon a long time ago. However, for the sake of my checking account, it's a good thing I don't buy bottled water very often.

My son makes me smile so much. This masterpiece of Lego craftsmanship is his rendition of the girls of Noteworthy. These are 9 girls from BYU who sing beautiful accapella. I love their mash up they did of Gavid Guetta's "Without You" and Mumford & Son's "I Will Wait". Of course I bought their song on Amazon , um 99 cents ya'll!  Oh and it's on iTunes too but since I'm not a Mac person, you'll have to just find it yourself. We watch their video on YouTube a lot, so that was his version of the girls during this video below

Rainbows coming out when your boy's team is down 17-0. Way to play with heart kiddos!

See those two countdown widgets right there in the middle of that screen. Well, first, they are wrong. Because I took that screenshot yesterday. HAH! So hello 15 days until the Temple and 53 days until my cruise! Two biggest deals of my summer right there!

Ok, that's my highlights from the week. You know if bottled water is making the list that this week wasn't all that great but hey.. I'm finding the rainbows baby!

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