We had some wicked storms roll through our area last night. Nothing like being woken up at 2:30ish by your windows rattling from what seemed like 3 minute long thunder. Glad that's all done and over with especially now that it seems to have washed away all that nasty pollen!

Let's get on with H54F!
What e'er thou art, act well thy part
This was a quote that was mentioned last weekend during General Conference and it's stuck with me all week. Basically, we all have talents in life, and whatever that art may be let's choose to do it well. That saying alone has helped me realize that it's important to live up to your potential in all that you do.

Fist bump! I love when old guys fist bump. I love when leaders of my church fist bump. I love when there's reason to fist bump. I'm one of those people that love making up shakes and bumps with friends.
Pound cake. FRENCH FRIES!

Fuddrucker turkey burger. It's not as healthy as I should have been eating but it sure kicked that crappy old spinach salad's butt, and on a day that I truly needed it.

New hair! It's not gray! Ok, so I seriously suffer from grey hair and I went to a darker shade over the winter and hated it. After 3 weeks my hair would be growing out and I'd just see this shine coming out. Stupid gray. Although I did have an idea that I ran by my stylist of just dying all my hair gray. Obviously, she didn't agree. So I'm blonde again! I think it suits me and if it doesn't well that's just tough.

Our dogwoods are blooming! We planted these in March and I was so afraid that with all the wonky weather that they'd die. My mom loves dogwoods. My husband's mother loved dogwoods (she passed away). I love looking out our front windows and seeing these little blooms.

Here's to a great Friday and a great weekend!

I'm linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk for High Five for Friday!

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