Columbia, SC Temple

My someday is here. On Tuesday, April 2, 2012 I received my first Temple Recommend, allowing me to go to the Temple. I have never felt more excited, more nervous and more grateful.

The Temple is a sacred and beautiful place. It's not something you can just go to after you are baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. It's a place that you must be worthy to enter. It's taken me a while to fully meet my obligations. And now that I have, it seems so silly that I wasn't able to before. But I am worthy.

Greenville East Stake - President Duquette

During my temple interview with my Stake President he said something that struck me as beautiful and true, which also eased so many of my insecurities. He said, "To be worthy doesn't mean to be perfect..."

He also said (and I take the liberty of paraphrasing him) that if you had to be perfect to enter the Temple, there would be a lot less Temples in the world. Just some fun facts for you, there are currently 141 active Temples around the world today. There are 13 that are under construction and 14 that have been announced! That's a lot of Temples. This is a great website to learn more about the LDS Temples around the world!

For any non-LDS folks, here's more information on LDS Temples and why we go. I figured this was a much more effective explanation than me rambling on trying to explain something that I've never even been in yet.

I'm over joyed and I'm glad that I can share this with so many of my friends and family. If you would have asked my Dad 10 years ago if he would ever imagine his daughter and wife being Temple worthy, I'm  sure he would have chuckled (or outright belly laughed, I'm not sure). But here we are, on the verge of becoming a Forever Family.

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