With yesterday's Google+ & Bloglovin' link up I realized I probably needed to associate my blog with my Google+ account.

I mean. I had it associated until someone told me that they couldn't reply to my comment because  I was a No-Reply Blogger, you can find out what that is all about here (because you probably don't know you are one unless someone tells you).

Unfortunately, to fix that No-Reply Blogger thing you have to un-associate your Google+ account. I'm not going to lie, doing that kind of sucks because I like that my blogs auto-post to Google+ and I also liked that it made my profile page my Google+ page. But I changed because I couldn't be (gasp!) a No-Reply Blogger!!

Well, I am again.

I think this is going to be an issue in the future with more and more bloggers (at least some of the blogs I read) using Google+ more.

So add me on Google+! See that nifty widget over there on the right..  yeah, right there.. see? Do it!

That is all. Carry on.

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