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I've been sick the past 2 days with some allergy crap that decided to pop up on me in the middle of the night Sunday night. How do you go to bed feeling perfectly fine only to wake up 2 hours later feeling like a big box of snot?! I never suffered from allergies until after my son was born. He broke me. And these past 2 years have been rough.  
Of course, I have to take Sudafed to try to keep all this crud dried up and me and Sudafed get along only in short doses. After about a day of taking it I start to get all jittery and usually end up not sleeping. Which is exactly what happened Monday night after taking Sudafed all day.
Talk about a catch 22.

So while I was home sick, when I wasn't snoring my face off, I watched, what my husband has dubbed, my quality television. I caught up on Myrtle Manor and RHOC and RHOA. And once all my DVR'ed goodness was done I just channel hopped between Married To Medicine and America's Next Top Model: All Stars.
It's sad isn't it? I seriously could keep Bravo's ratings up just by myself. If my TV could only tune to 2 stations I would hope it would be Bravo and CBS (can't miss out on my Survivor, Amazing Race & NCIS!).  I'm not sure why I can so easily watch crappy reality shows but have a hard time finding interest in anything scripted. When I say scripted.. I mean sit-coms. I know some reality shows are scripted and all, I mean I may be a reality junkie but I'm not an idiot. For the most part.

Wow. 10 days until I go to the Columbia, SC Temple. Yes, I'm counting. I'm pretty sure I've totally over killed the topic here on my blog, but hey.. I blog about what's in my head so you're stuck with it. Monday night my Temple bag came in. Isn't it cute?
I'm still trying to figure out how my dress and slip are supposed to fit in this thing. Along with everything else.

Luckily for me, I have an awesome friend Christina who has literally given me the 411 on anything I've asked her about. I'm sure she can help a sistah out. Seriously, this girl is amazing. Not only is she my friend (which can be time consuming) but she's a Bishop's wife, mother of 2, friend to MANY and works and does great at her callings. She's super cool and an inspiration to me.

Ok, so the sinus meds are kicking in again so I think it's time to go pass out again for a bit....

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