I'm not going to lie. I've got nothing to talk about. Well, that's not exactly true, I have a lot to talk about but that's part of my problem. I've got so much going on right now and so many thoughts bubbling through my brain that it's really hard for me to get concise blog posts written. I start off pretty decent but I get about 2 sentences in and then....

Oh look! Shiny! Wait, what was I talking about?


I'm totally saddened by the tragedy in Boston yesterday. I had a mild flashback to 9-11. I still to this day can't comprehend the violence in this world and why someone would want to hurt innocent people.. There has always been evil and there has always been good.

Ok, I'm not going to be a complete Debbie-Downer.

So it's Spring and I love scrolling through the fashion blogs I follow and seeing all the new spring trends and I sit and I say, "Oh that's totes cute" or "So me!" but then honestly that's about as far as I go with fashion. I'm not busting out old parachute pants or my members only jacket but as far as having all the new coral shirts or mint pants.. I could give 2 cares. I try some new things here and there that I see how there in blog-fashion-land and I've learned so much! But I'm not that girl. I'll never be a fashion or beauty blogger, that's for sure. Not unless you're going for that "down home" look or maybe the "college look for the soon to be 40 year old" thing.

Oh hey speaking of FASHION (and not my lack there of) Ashley over at Flats To Flip Flops is doing a cool link up I wanted to join in on. I link to her like I personally know her or something but hey.. I read her all the time so I KNOW HER!

Anyway, you know since the whole Google Reader is to be buried soon and all everyone is trying to figure out how to follow their favorite blogs. Well, personally I use Feedly as my main RSS reader now but Bloglovin' is pretty cool too and apparently Google+ is the big new follow frenzy for all these wild and crazy bloggers out there... SO.. I wanna make sure I'm on this party bus!

The link up is running every Tuesday this month so hop on board with me and follow the hosts & co-hosts to meet some cool new bloggy-peeps!

Well, I was about to throw another paragraph or two out here with some random things that are filling my headspace but I think I'll spare you for today. I've tortured you enough and if you're still reading you're just a glutton for punishment. So on that note....

Have a great Tuesday!!

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