Where do I even begin today? My weekend was seriously so awesome that it just zoomed by!

Proof I was there ya'll!
My parents and my aunt made a trip up to our house on Friday night so that we could leave bright and early for a day trip to the big ATL! I'm going to be honest, up until this past weekend the thought of going to Atlanta was so unappealing. I always equated it to some really long drive and crazy traffic. Ok, so the traffic is crazy. But the drive, totally not super long or anything. I mean, I pack up and drive two and half hours to my parents house on a whim. It just struck me this weekend that it's the same distance (at least time wise) to Atlanta, why did I dread it? I don't know. But I don't anymore.

So we spent the day in Atlanta. Most of our time was spent at the Atlanta LDS Temple. And we couldn't have picked a better day to go!  The tulips were blooming, it was beautiful weather - it felt like no humidity at all - it was perfect for walking around the Temple and taking picture. We spent a lot of time in the Distribution store getting things for my upcoming trip to go through the Temple and I have to say we met the most awesome lady in there. Miss Wendy from up and around Portland (her words, not mine) was incredible. She was so helpful and made sure we had everything we needed. Sometimes in life people are called to serve in ways that you just know were meant for them. That was the case with Wendy.  I couldn't have felt more comfortable.  After we got done with our shopping we dropped everything in the car and took a leisurely stroke around the grounds. If you've never been around Temple grounds (which is open to the public by the way), you can kind of equate it to being a beautiful park. There are benches all around where you can sit and just take in the beauty. It's quiet and truly I can't think of a more righteous space to sit and think or to enjoy the company of your friends and family. I know we really enjoyed it. I'm pretty sure I could have stayed a lot longer and taken a lot more pictures, I mean I only took about 200!

I'm not sure if I really want to get into my upcoming Temple trip. Actually, I'm not sure how to get into it. A lot of what is done in the LDS Temples are sacred.  Anyone can become worthy to go to the Temple and participate in these sacred ceremonies but because of how sacred they are, it's not just openly talked about. Which is why a lot of folks think that us LDS are all secretive and stuff. But hey, do people just go blabbing about what they did on their honeymoon night? No? Because it was special and only between the people deserving to be there? Yeah, that's kinda how the Temple works too. I can say this much right now and feel comfortable, I'm going for my endowments and so I can be sealed to my parents. I'm really excited and now I'm just waiting for May 4th to get here.

Ok. So we've had a crash course on LDS Temples and with that.. Monday begins...

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