When I saw this cute link up from Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work I had to jump on!

  • I'll not only have a clean house with a place for everything and everything in it's place, but I'll enjoy keeping it that way.

  • I'll have some brilliant words of wisdom (from my vast experiences, of course) to pass on to those younger and less wise.

  • I won't have laundry still folded on my dresser from last week.

  • I'll have a yard that looks better than the August National course

  • I will always have time for mani's and pedi's.
  • I won't listen to music by artists with symbols instead of letters
  • I will not refer to my van as the swagger wagon

  • I will never have those days that people stop and wonder, did she try to look like that this morning or did she just forget to shower and do her hair?

  • I'll be at every field trip my son goes on (even in college)

  • My husband & I will spend our days planning things to fill the time, not trying to find the time

But none of this will be likely to happen because the thought of "growing up" really kind of is depressing. So you're stuck with my adolescent behavior and sometimes-inappropriate comments for at least another 20 years, because that's when embarrassing my son gets really fun!

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