Hey kids! It's FRIDAY! Not only is it Friday but for those of us who are in school and have been looking forward to summer vacation - today is the BEST FRIDAY IN THE WORLD because it's the last day of school!!!

And then for those of us who have jobs and who only dream of having summer vacations, it's just a regular old Friday before our kids start summer camp. So today I'm living vicariously through my son and my High Five For Friday is the proud Mommy edition where I get to just share how awesome my son is.

So if you're not into kids, besides the fact that you can cheer for not having school traffic anymore, this is your queue to exit left.

But if you want to hear all about how this week was awesome and how my kid made it that way, you're in the right place!

Duh. It's the last day of school. That by default takes my #1 spot for my high five this week. That makes the whole darn week better because when the kiddo is happy, eerrrrybody is happy! Now I'll post later on how I'm going to be a mean Mom and make my kid have study time over the summer. Don't freak, it's not bad. Just twice a week.

Baseball. It is over. Ok. It's not as bad as it sounds, I man I really love him playing, I love him watching and I loved the Coaches. But what a serious time-suck! It'll be nice to have our Tuesdays, Thursdays (and sometimes Mondays and Wednesdays) back.
But on the real, someone needs to check the manufacturer of their uniforms, I think they inject the cloth with tryptophan., because that my friends is exactly what happens before each practice during the the 15 minute ride to the field.

Awards day! When you can kill off half a day with having your parents come in and showing them your work and then having awards. Best school day ever. I'm so proud of my kiddo, he receiving his Student Council participation certificate, his 1st grade completion certificate, a 9-weeks perfect attendance award and a perfect attendance for the entire school year. He was SO proud. And that pride he showed about it all made me that much more proud of him and all his hard work.

Ok so not going to lie. 4 and 5 are frivolous and just another way to show off my kiddo.

He's awesome.


That right there. My pride and joy. Dirty face and all.

Here's hoping that your week has been great and that it's a great start to an awesome weekend!

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I joke with my husband and friends that there are just some things to be "Southern Girl Thangs".

These are mine:

  1. Cocks.  Seriously, only in the South.
  2. Flip flops, year round. Even with a sweatshirt in December.
  3. Grits. With butter. With bacon. With shrimp. With whatever. It's grits!
  4. Ya'll. It's you + all and it's acceptable in every form.
  5. SEC. The best darn conference in the NCAA. (If you're an ACC fan, you may be Southern but it ain't my thang)
  6. Football. High School, College. It doesn't matter. Football in general. But there has to be a rival. And you must announce your allegiance on your car.
  7. BBQ. Real BBQ don't have bones (unless it's a rib) and it usually comes with hash and rice.
  8. The beach. It doesn't matter if you're going to Myrtle Beach, Outerbanks or the coast of GA. You're going to the beach.
  9. The mountains. It doesn't matter if you're going to Asheville, Helen or Pigeon Forge, you're going to the mountains.
  10. Blonde. Either in highlights or reverse ombre.  We're covet our blonde hair.
  11. Humidity. Unless you've lived in SC, GA or FL in the summer then you have no idea what real humidity is all about. When you can hydrate yourself just by breathing, there's too much darn water in the air!!
  12. Speaking of FL. Florida isn't really a Southern State. Sure, it may be in the South and they may have their Southern folks... but when the majority of your residence lived the majority of their lives in the North, then you're just a Northern state located in the South. (and on this note I think I need to run and hide from some FL people I know LOL)
  13. Sweet Tea. It's the SC state regional drink.
  14. Bless your heart. Bless her heart. Bless his heart. Bless them all. It can be a sweet term used when you can't think of anything better to say or it could be the Southern way of saying FU. You'll never know.
  15. Mobile Homes. Homes with wheels, which we apparently can't get enough of. I can. I'm over them. But hey, I'm weird. Most people say I'm not from around here anyway.

Enjoy your Wednesday ya'll!

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Sami's Shenanigans

I don't normally get into the weekend shenanigans but this weekend was full of them. But not the normal shenanigan-y kinda way. More like domesticated shenanigans, which means anyone under the age of, oh 35, probably will be like "WTF" (which in my speak is What the Freak, FYI).

See, I got into no shenanigans. I was busy down in the midlands of SC (which is what we call the middle of the state) helping my parents move into their rental house because that's what you do when your parents only have a week to move. Score good daughter points. My son can with me and while I was working up a sweat loading things heavier than me (which says a lot)  he was busy working up a sun burn, loading up his body into the pool. Kids, I swear. They have all the fun.

Before I get into the real shenanigans (seriously do you know how hard that word is to type??) I want to share a slideshow that was made by a guy I went to high school with. He did an awesome job and it seriously brought me to tears. This is what Memorial Day is about.

On the the shenanigans.
So my husband, oh he was all up in the shenanigans this weekend. He and his oldest-bestest-buddy were camping and listening to Alternative Blue Grass (what?! Is that rock-a-billy??) at the Plum Hollow Festival.

I don't have a clue who any of these bands are.

That's not my bag baby, so I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything. But apparently it was pretty fun. Except for the freezing night weather and the fact that my husband acts 20 years older than his real age so him trying to camp in a group of 20-something moonshine swilling rednecks makes me smile inside.

Needless to say he came home the next day instead of camping out 2 nights. Although it wasn't a complete bust, they did have fun. And they are planning to go back for the next one in the fall.

So... shenanigans are done. 

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It's Friday! It's Friday!
This week I've been a busy bee. And I've got the sore wings to prove it. But it's all good because it's Friday and it's a long weekend!

Oh. And that whole busy thing is why I have absolutely no pictures from this week at all. I guess I could have snapped a few protein shakes or something but ya know, they all look the same once you shake them!

I got motivated.  And it's already paying off. I'm not dropping massive pounds or anything but I'm feeling good. It's amazing what cleaning up your diet can do for ya.

Old Navy & Cato. Two of my favorite stores. I went, I bought and since it was my birthday money gift from my parents I could splurge on anything I wanted. All is well in the world. (This I will actually have pics from next week because the shoes I bought. Too. Cute.

Last full week of 1st grade. Not me. My son. I can't believe that this is the last full week of school for him. Next week we'll have Monday off and then half days for him on Thursday and Friday and then....

He's a rising 2nd grader.

Wow. When did this all happen?

18 days until I am on a big boat going to the Bahamas  Sorry, you're going to get at least 2 more times of this hitting my list.

Memorial Day! I know we are all happy because we get a day off from work and school. And I'm all about the days off, let me tell you. But I want to make sure I take a moment and really truly express my gratitude for those service members of the United States Military that have died for us.

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Somehow it came up the other day in my office that I stopped carrying Tupperware  Not necessarily the brand but just plastic food containers in general. Because have you ever grabbed one of your handy dandy plastic containers to throw something in for lunch and look at it and wonder, "hmm.. what made it turn that

color?" or have you ever smelled one of them after you've used it for a good 6 months?

Ugh. Gross.

Also, I really got thinking about it and I have to replace my plastic containers at least every year or so because they just get so gross looking. Seriously, we take left overs for lunch almost every day so we are some hard-core Tupperware users.

So, on a whim, I swapped almost all of my plastic food storage containers for glass.

I'm really not a hippie at all. I like to recycle but I just could never get into the whole cloth diapers and such like that, so don't think that I'm swigging of that Kool-Aid. But I am one that I take personal responsibility for what I use and I don't like the idea of throwing out plastics every year, it just doesn't make sense.

So, I've been using glass containers now for storing left overs and taking my lunch in for almost 6 months
(maybe a little longer) and let me tell you two things I noticed right off the bat. First, them suckers are heavy. My typical lunch bag houses a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, a large container of salad and some sort of protein on the side (chicken or fish or sometimes steak). Those are 3 separate  large and heavy glass containers. Glad I have a really durable lunch bag. Second, wow what a difference the glass makes. It doesn't scratch and it doesn't smell. This in itself is a winner for me. I guess as long as I don't drop and break my containers I think they'll probably last me years longer than the plastic will, so the difference in price seems well worth it.

So thanks for tuning into my "domestic thoughts of the day"... next time we'll be talking about why I won't make my own laundry soap (I'm lazy)

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I'm getting serious ya'll.
Seriously. Serious.

I had my fitness in check for a few months. My downfall was my nutrition, or really the lack there of. All of my 9 Round workouts were going to waste because I was eating horribly. I shouldn't say they were going to waste because I really did feel better and I was getting stronger but my weight loss wasn't where it should be. 

It's all going to change as of today.
On the real.

So here is what's been in my playlist helping to motivate me.

Next, I'm going to share something I've yet to share on here. Because if I'm going to be real I've gotta be real.
I currently weight 159.8 pounds. I'm 5 foot 4 inches ya'll.  According to my sparkpeople account, that puts me at a BMI of 27.4. That's overweight. I gotta get that down.
My final goal is 133.

But look, I'm doing this in stages. My first goal is 150.
My plan of attack?
FIXING my nutrition. I've got to get in a better place with my eating. I've got to find that happy medium where I'm still living life with a family (because you know Mc'D's happens!) but I'm smart with 99.9% of my choices.
BUSTING out my fitness. I love 9 Round. That will be my main workout but seriously, I can't do it every day. It physically wears me out until my workouts are crap. So I'm definitely going to be hitting 9 Round a minimum of 3 days a week. Preferably 4. In between, I'd like to fit in walking or Zumba.

This isn't weight loss for my upcoming cruise. This isn't weigh loss for a reunion.
This is for health and life.

No room for failure this time. I've picked myself off this road quite a few times. But at least I keep picking myself up.

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I can't even fathom what the families in Oklahoma must be going through right now. Just reading the news stories about families looking for their children in the rubble of their school is so utterly heartbreaking to me.

It is in these moments that I feel I take every day I have with my son and my family for granted. It is in these moments that I ask myself how could I help. It is in these moments that I realize how weak I really am when it comes to the though of losing my child.

Life is so short, for some so much more shorter than it should be.

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Spinning by Michael Baron

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I liked the story but it was either the writing style or the typos/errors in the eBook version that made reading it strange. There were quite a few times I had to read paragraphs or sentences over because it was missing a comma or a word was missing.

But to the story. It was a really a different story than what I've read. I liked the characters as they were flawed and seemed like real people. I was surprised quite a few times with how the story turned and it had a good finish. It was a good, quick and entertaining read.

I'd like to see where Spring ends up later in life.

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Last night my husband and son went on a father/son camping trip with a group of guys from our church. This was my son's first time really camping. He'd gone one time with us when he was about 3 years old when we had spontaneously bought a travel trailer, but that was like staying in a smaller hotel room for a night, not really camping.

So, I was kind of excited about the idea of having a night to myself even though I had no idea what I was actually going to do to fill the time without my 2 main partners in crime out in the woods. But, after I got off work that was easily remedied by a trip to Old Navy. I mean, shopping is a great way to fight off boredom right?
It was a quiet night. Entirely too quiet. But my father-in-law who lives with us spent the evening watching Undercover Boss and then I snuggled in with a new book on my Nook. It was so weird not having our normal evening routine but just the thought of getting to sleep in was really calling to me. And not too long after I started reading I was out.

I was awoken this morning with a light touch on my arm. When I looked up I saw my husband standing there. I was certain it was a dream. Until he told me that Nikk was laying next to me and that he had thrown up in the tent and not feeling so well. It was 6-something in the morning and I was still groggy but I rolled over and saw my little cookie tosser was already curled up in the bed next to me and was snoring. My husband said he was going to go back to the campground and pack up and that he'd be back. I went back to sleep for about an hour.

Now, if there anything about my son, he is very routine. He wakes up between 6:30-7:00. Every. Single. Morning. So the fact that he slept until almost 10 am is a testament to how bad he must really have felt. Which I have to admit, didn't surprise me since the last 3 days he's had a very light appetite and has complained off and on that his stomach was hurting.

So what do you do when your husband wakes up at 4 am with a kid who pukes in a 2-man tent and then drives him home (an hour trip) right away so he doesn't have to sit around feeling all sick and stuff in the woods while he packs up and then drives another hour back to the camp, packs up and then drives the hour home again?
You cook that man some eggs and bacon, that's what. And you check him for ticks. That's always fun.

Although their trip was cut short, both my husband and my son really enjoyed the evening before the whole puking thing started. So let's hope that our next camping trip is sans barfing.

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City of Bones
City of Bones by Michael Connelly

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Every time I review a Michael Connelly Bosch series book I keep saying the same thing... loved it, loved the story, love Bosch. All of that holds true for this book too.

This one totally threw me for a loop though, which was good. I still have a weird love of Bosch, even though he seems to have a case of serious bad luck with women.

Once again, this book has me itching for more Bosch.. guess I'll be looking for the next in the series.

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Ok so I didn't really know a guy named Corndog but apparently Kid President has.

I haven't posted anything this week yet because I've been too busy watching this video that I saw on Mother's Day and I can't stop watching it.

No but really, it's been a hectic week at work where I've worked through my lunches (my prime blogging time) and my evenings have been packed too (my other prime blogging time).

So pardon my absence and enjoy Kid President and loving you're Mom for at least another day.

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Aw shizzy!  It's friday! And you all know what that means! I'm using a lot of exclamation points!

Meet Christina. She's the one on the left. She has a blog about her super awesome family. She is a super bestie. That picture up there. That's us in front of the Columbia, SC Temple. That's the Temple that I went to for my very first trip ever last Saturday. I'm glad I got to have that experience with her. I will never forget it. Like never-Taylor-Swift-ever. That guy on the right. I don't know him. But since he was coming out of the Temple he must be pretty righteous. What up righteous dude!

That handsome glaring man is my husband. I call him sugarbear, puddin' pop, angry old greek. Everyone else calls him Chris. He drags motivates me to go to 9 Round. That's us after 2 days straight of 9 Round this week. His face isn't nearly as red as mine and he did double the workout I did. Life isn't fair.

That is a livermush sandwich. Before this past Wednesday, I had no idea what livermush was. Actually, I still don't really understand what it is. It's also known as liver pudding. To be honest, I think they need to work on the marketing of this stuff because neither one of those sound good. But regardless of how it sounds, that sandwich was get-in-muh-belly good. I'm actually honored that I got to try it. See, what had happened was... a lady I work in the same building with posted on her facebook about livermush sandwiches. Of course I had to ask what it was. So, what does she do? She brings me one to try! It's a livermush, egg and tomato sandwich - with other good stuff on it that I'm not sure of. But it was delicious. Although frankly, every sandwich of her's that I've tried (homemade pimento and chicken salad) have been delicious.
Oh, and apparently if you're going to this whole livermush thing out for yourself, you can't just go out and get any old livermush, apparently it must be Neese's livermush.

I just like saying livermush.

Those are Dove peanut butter (orange) and caramel (yellow) chocolates. That was my leaning tower of Dove. It only lasted about 2 hours. That's a record.

That is my son's gift to his 1st grade teacher, Ms. Martin. Hence the M on it. She is a wonderful teacher. This week is teacher appreciation week. I can't even express how much I appreciate her. My son has excelled so much this year. I chalk it up to awesome parents a wonderful teacher who takes the love in her heart and fills my son's brain with it. Teachers are super awesome special anyways but this lady.. she's the leader of the pack.
This gift, is totally awesome too. I picked it up from an awesome chick I know who is the owner of Shannon Golden Designs - if you hurry you can get one for your kid's super awesome teacher too. Tell her I sent ya!

Hope you've had a great week!

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Seriously. Nothing. So I share with you... The Most Embarrassing Street Names.
It kept me humored for at least 10 minutes. You're welcome.

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After reading this post by the lovely Kristine over at Heart Shaped Sweat I was inspired! Which is funny because the whole post is about being your own inspiration and yet here I was being inspired to inspire myself by... someone else. Yeah. Ok. I thought it was funny.


Since I'm not totally engulfed in the world of fitness, my inspirations are not just fitness related. They are life related.

So here's my inspiration for May 2013. And believe me, I'll be doing a follow up to this bad boy at the end of the month because there is no one better to be accountable to than.. well the entire Internet.

1. 9 Round 3 times a week (or more!)
You know, trying to get in better shape before I go on a cruise next month.

2. Try 3 new recipes this month!
I want at least one new grilling recipe for the summer and 2 new "easy weekday" recipes.

3. Plan and hold regular FHE (Family Home Evening) - this is where us Mormon folk do a little family spiritual growing together and then also may take care of family business.

4. Make a schedule to go to the Temple as regularly as possible
But because of distance, this will probably have to be once a month or every other month kind of thing but I want to at least have it scheduled.

Ok seriously ya'll, I must be hard to inspire or something because I had a really hard time coming up with just four! Or maybe that's a sign that I shouldn't overdo it and start slow. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Hopefully this may inspire you as well and you'll make a inspiration list and link me to it (so I can hold you accountable too... just sayin')

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Coming Home

5.06.2013 |

I was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter DaySaints on October 19, 1995.

I have not been an ideal member of the Church. About a year after my baptism, I went in-active. Basically I stopped going to Church and I stopped reading my scriptures.  I've never doubted the truth of the Gospel regardless of how in-active in church I was or how badly I acted.

I went through a lot of life.  Eventually I settled down in my wild ways and I got married. I had a stillborn daughter. I had a son. I made mistakes. I reflected back to my childhood and all my insecurities. I saw how I treated myself and others. I saw the pain I put my parents through.

I decided to raise my son in the Church. I felt that for some reason it was important for him to have the foundation of the Gospel in his life.

I went back to Church. It was still hard for me to stay active. I'm not sure why.

Soon, I became really active again. Something in my heart and my brain kicked in. And staying active wasn't hard anymore. In fact, I found more joy in participating than I could have ever imagined.

I really converted. I attended my meetings instead of heading home after Sacrament. I found those meetings to be instrumental in building my faith and testimony. I felt a change in my heart and in my head. more and more and I loved the feeling.

I worked on being a better version of me.

I prayed. I read my scriptures. I learned. I grew.

I gave up habits in my life that didn't coincide with the Words Of Wisdom. I never thought it would be possible. But it was. And I don't miss them.

I received a calling. Then another one. I'm still kind of bombing at my first calling. I'm rockin' the second one though.

I started tithing. First, just what I could, when I could.  I was sure I'd never be able to be a fully tithed member.

Then, I fully tithed. And I understood what tithing was all about. I found that other people's testimonies about the blessings you receive from tithing were not only true for them... but they were true for me, too.

I grew. Spiritually and mentally.

I received my Temple recommend on April 2nd, 2013.

I received my Endowments on May 4th, 2013. To think that I can one day again live with God is a humbling and exciting thing to know.

I was sealed to my parents on May 4th, 2013. To know that I will forever be with my family is so comforting.

I finally "got it" and I understand why this is all so important and why I love the feelings I get from serving in my Church and by truly loving the Lord.

It's been a long journey. It hasn't always been easy. I'm sure it won't always be easy. But it is worth it.

I've come home. And I am grateful for every prayer and person that helped me get here.

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What am I doing posting right now? I should be at the Temple receiving my endowments and getting sealed to my parents! Remember all that stuff I talked about that was going to happen today?

Well, no worries. I am, in fact, right now, at the Temple getting ready to do all that stuff. But along the theme of my faith and in honor of all things Mormon, I had to share this great post by Bonnie on her blog The Life of Bon and The 411 on the Mormons

Not only is a great "Intro To Mormonism" but the comment section a GEM of information. And all those questions you're afraid to ask us Mormon folk - her readers asked for you! So feel free to go over and take a read if you feel the need.

While you're doing that I'll be going through my Temple stuff  AND celebrating my birthday today!

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See ya April.. hello May!

So I'm going to tell you all about this awesome new workout tank I bought. I was not given anything free or bribed with anything or even asked to give this review. I'm doing it because I like to do stuff like this... even if there aren't perks (but dang a girl could hope, right?)

So I was reading this great blog called A Complete Waste Of Makeup (go read her right after this!) and she had a great give-a-way (which is now closed - boo for you!) and a great coupon code for an Esty shop that makes really cute workout tanks (which may still be working -  yay for you!)

After pursuing Sunset Sign Designs for like 2 seconds, I totally found the shirt I wanted!

So cute right? You know you want it.
After spending 15 minutes trying to checkout because I put the coupon code in the wrong place (duh), I bought the shirt I wanted! Score!

After waiting what felt like 2 months (but was really only 13 days), I got the shirt I wanted!

So cute right? You know you want it. Oh wait, never mind.

Isn't it cute! And it fits great and is totally true to size. And the material. LOVE. It wicks and it's soft and it's flowy and it's perfect. And please ignore my closet in the background.

It doesn't hurt that I got mucho compliments when I wore it to 9 Round (another place I mention a lot but get no perks from, hmmm) for the first time yesterday. So, go! Don't wait. Get one now... before I order them all! Because I will. No, really.. all of them.

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