It's Friday! It's Friday!
This week I've been a busy bee. And I've got the sore wings to prove it. But it's all good because it's Friday and it's a long weekend!

Oh. And that whole busy thing is why I have absolutely no pictures from this week at all. I guess I could have snapped a few protein shakes or something but ya know, they all look the same once you shake them!

I got motivated.  And it's already paying off. I'm not dropping massive pounds or anything but I'm feeling good. It's amazing what cleaning up your diet can do for ya.

Old Navy & Cato. Two of my favorite stores. I went, I bought and since it was my birthday money gift from my parents I could splurge on anything I wanted. All is well in the world. (This I will actually have pics from next week because the shoes I bought. Too. Cute.

Last full week of 1st grade. Not me. My son. I can't believe that this is the last full week of school for him. Next week we'll have Monday off and then half days for him on Thursday and Friday and then....

He's a rising 2nd grader.

Wow. When did this all happen?

18 days until I am on a big boat going to the Bahamas  Sorry, you're going to get at least 2 more times of this hitting my list.

Memorial Day! I know we are all happy because we get a day off from work and school. And I'm all about the days off, let me tell you. But I want to make sure I take a moment and really truly express my gratitude for those service members of the United States Military that have died for us.

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