Hey kids! It's FRIDAY! Not only is it Friday but for those of us who are in school and have been looking forward to summer vacation - today is the BEST FRIDAY IN THE WORLD because it's the last day of school!!!

And then for those of us who have jobs and who only dream of having summer vacations, it's just a regular old Friday before our kids start summer camp. So today I'm living vicariously through my son and my High Five For Friday is the proud Mommy edition where I get to just share how awesome my son is.

So if you're not into kids, besides the fact that you can cheer for not having school traffic anymore, this is your queue to exit left.

But if you want to hear all about how this week was awesome and how my kid made it that way, you're in the right place!

Duh. It's the last day of school. That by default takes my #1 spot for my high five this week. That makes the whole darn week better because when the kiddo is happy, eerrrrybody is happy! Now I'll post later on how I'm going to be a mean Mom and make my kid have study time over the summer. Don't freak, it's not bad. Just twice a week.

Baseball. It is over. Ok. It's not as bad as it sounds, I man I really love him playing, I love him watching and I loved the Coaches. But what a serious time-suck! It'll be nice to have our Tuesdays, Thursdays (and sometimes Mondays and Wednesdays) back.
But on the real, someone needs to check the manufacturer of their uniforms, I think they inject the cloth with tryptophan., because that my friends is exactly what happens before each practice during the the 15 minute ride to the field.

Awards day! When you can kill off half a day with having your parents come in and showing them your work and then having awards. Best school day ever. I'm so proud of my kiddo, he receiving his Student Council participation certificate, his 1st grade completion certificate, a 9-weeks perfect attendance award and a perfect attendance for the entire school year. He was SO proud. And that pride he showed about it all made me that much more proud of him and all his hard work.

Ok so not going to lie. 4 and 5 are frivolous and just another way to show off my kiddo.

He's awesome.


That right there. My pride and joy. Dirty face and all.

Here's hoping that your week has been great and that it's a great start to an awesome weekend!

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