Aw shizzy!  It's friday! And you all know what that means! I'm using a lot of exclamation points!

Meet Christina. She's the one on the left. She has a blog about her super awesome family. She is a super bestie. That picture up there. That's us in front of the Columbia, SC Temple. That's the Temple that I went to for my very first trip ever last Saturday. I'm glad I got to have that experience with her. I will never forget it. Like never-Taylor-Swift-ever. That guy on the right. I don't know him. But since he was coming out of the Temple he must be pretty righteous. What up righteous dude!

That handsome glaring man is my husband. I call him sugarbear, puddin' pop, angry old greek. Everyone else calls him Chris. He drags motivates me to go to 9 Round. That's us after 2 days straight of 9 Round this week. His face isn't nearly as red as mine and he did double the workout I did. Life isn't fair.

That is a livermush sandwich. Before this past Wednesday, I had no idea what livermush was. Actually, I still don't really understand what it is. It's also known as liver pudding. To be honest, I think they need to work on the marketing of this stuff because neither one of those sound good. But regardless of how it sounds, that sandwich was get-in-muh-belly good. I'm actually honored that I got to try it. See, what had happened was... a lady I work in the same building with posted on her facebook about livermush sandwiches. Of course I had to ask what it was. So, what does she do? She brings me one to try! It's a livermush, egg and tomato sandwich - with other good stuff on it that I'm not sure of. But it was delicious. Although frankly, every sandwich of her's that I've tried (homemade pimento and chicken salad) have been delicious.
Oh, and apparently if you're going to this whole livermush thing out for yourself, you can't just go out and get any old livermush, apparently it must be Neese's livermush.

I just like saying livermush.

Those are Dove peanut butter (orange) and caramel (yellow) chocolates. That was my leaning tower of Dove. It only lasted about 2 hours. That's a record.

That is my son's gift to his 1st grade teacher, Ms. Martin. Hence the M on it. She is a wonderful teacher. This week is teacher appreciation week. I can't even express how much I appreciate her. My son has excelled so much this year. I chalk it up to awesome parents a wonderful teacher who takes the love in her heart and fills my son's brain with it. Teachers are super awesome special anyways but this lady.. she's the leader of the pack.
This gift, is totally awesome too. I picked it up from an awesome chick I know who is the owner of Shannon Golden Designs - if you hurry you can get one for your kid's super awesome teacher too. Tell her I sent ya!

Hope you've had a great week!

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