After reading this post by the lovely Kristine over at Heart Shaped Sweat I was inspired! Which is funny because the whole post is about being your own inspiration and yet here I was being inspired to inspire myself by... someone else. Yeah. Ok. I thought it was funny.


Since I'm not totally engulfed in the world of fitness, my inspirations are not just fitness related. They are life related.

So here's my inspiration for May 2013. And believe me, I'll be doing a follow up to this bad boy at the end of the month because there is no one better to be accountable to than.. well the entire Internet.

1. 9 Round 3 times a week (or more!)
You know, trying to get in better shape before I go on a cruise next month.

2. Try 3 new recipes this month!
I want at least one new grilling recipe for the summer and 2 new "easy weekday" recipes.

3. Plan and hold regular FHE (Family Home Evening) - this is where us Mormon folk do a little family spiritual growing together and then also may take care of family business.

4. Make a schedule to go to the Temple as regularly as possible
But because of distance, this will probably have to be once a month or every other month kind of thing but I want to at least have it scheduled.

Ok seriously ya'll, I must be hard to inspire or something because I had a really hard time coming up with just four! Or maybe that's a sign that I shouldn't overdo it and start slow. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Hopefully this may inspire you as well and you'll make a inspiration list and link me to it (so I can hold you accountable too... just sayin')

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