Somehow it came up the other day in my office that I stopped carrying Tupperware  Not necessarily the brand but just plastic food containers in general. Because have you ever grabbed one of your handy dandy plastic containers to throw something in for lunch and look at it and wonder, "hmm.. what made it turn that

color?" or have you ever smelled one of them after you've used it for a good 6 months?

Ugh. Gross.

Also, I really got thinking about it and I have to replace my plastic containers at least every year or so because they just get so gross looking. Seriously, we take left overs for lunch almost every day so we are some hard-core Tupperware users.

So, on a whim, I swapped almost all of my plastic food storage containers for glass.

I'm really not a hippie at all. I like to recycle but I just could never get into the whole cloth diapers and such like that, so don't think that I'm swigging of that Kool-Aid. But I am one that I take personal responsibility for what I use and I don't like the idea of throwing out plastics every year, it just doesn't make sense.

So, I've been using glass containers now for storing left overs and taking my lunch in for almost 6 months
(maybe a little longer) and let me tell you two things I noticed right off the bat. First, them suckers are heavy. My typical lunch bag houses a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, a large container of salad and some sort of protein on the side (chicken or fish or sometimes steak). Those are 3 separate  large and heavy glass containers. Glad I have a really durable lunch bag. Second, wow what a difference the glass makes. It doesn't scratch and it doesn't smell. This in itself is a winner for me. I guess as long as I don't drop and break my containers I think they'll probably last me years longer than the plastic will, so the difference in price seems well worth it.

So thanks for tuning into my "domestic thoughts of the day"... next time we'll be talking about why I won't make my own laundry soap (I'm lazy)

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