See ya April.. hello May!

So I'm going to tell you all about this awesome new workout tank I bought. I was not given anything free or bribed with anything or even asked to give this review. I'm doing it because I like to do stuff like this... even if there aren't perks (but dang a girl could hope, right?)

So I was reading this great blog called A Complete Waste Of Makeup (go read her right after this!) and she had a great give-a-way (which is now closed - boo for you!) and a great coupon code for an Esty shop that makes really cute workout tanks (which may still be working -  yay for you!)

After pursuing Sunset Sign Designs for like 2 seconds, I totally found the shirt I wanted!

So cute right? You know you want it.
After spending 15 minutes trying to checkout because I put the coupon code in the wrong place (duh), I bought the shirt I wanted! Score!

After waiting what felt like 2 months (but was really only 13 days), I got the shirt I wanted!

So cute right? You know you want it. Oh wait, never mind.

Isn't it cute! And it fits great and is totally true to size. And the material. LOVE. It wicks and it's soft and it's flowy and it's perfect. And please ignore my closet in the background.

It doesn't hurt that I got mucho compliments when I wore it to 9 Round (another place I mention a lot but get no perks from, hmmm) for the first time yesterday. So, go! Don't wait. Get one now... before I order them all! Because I will. No, really.. all of them.

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