So a few years back (you know, before a kid, school, little league, gym time, etc) my husband and I used to geocache.
What's geocaching?
It's basically a treasure hunt with a GPS. You find the treasure, you log that you found it and sometimes there are things inside of it that you can swap out for things that you bring with you. There are also sometimes traceable items like bugs or coins that you can grab and drop in another cache that you find. Most people use to play.

I used to have an active blog called Kiss My Cache. I haven't updated it in forever. I love the name of the blog so much that when I deleted all my other blogs I couldn't bare to press the delete button on that one. It's also my name (now, I've changed it a few times) on

android app screen cap
Ok. So we kind of stopped geocaching because life got busy and I never had enough forethought to bring our GPS with us and to print out cache information to do the hunt. Well, then a couple weekends ago while I was visiting my parents I happened to notice that has an Android app (and an Apple one too but I don't give too hoots about that lol).

The cool thing about the app is that I no longer needed my GPS - duh, my phone has one in it. But I also didn't need to print out cache information because I could look up the description, hints, maps, etc all from the app. HELLO.. genius! Why did it take me so long to find this!

So while I was down at my parents, me and the kiddo, my dad and my cousin all hopped into the swagger wagon and headed for a cache near their neighborhood. I'm just going to say, this was my first DNF (Did Not Find) in a long time. Frankly, I think that the cache was missing. Also, it was in a weird neighborhood. The area that the cache was in had signs saying "no public parking", so where the heck was I supposed to park? Well, I parked in front of a house of course. But apparently that backfired because I think the house that I parked in front of (which was directly next to the lake and where the cache was supposed to be) was occupied by probably the nosiest lady ever. She came out and stared at us... evil like.. until we finally
gave up and left. I'm pretty sure she was taking down my license plate as I drove away.

So.. we headed to another one, not on private property, and quickly found it. Nothing like logging a smiley face (the icon on the map of caches you find) so quickly!

Also, my son has been caching with us since he was young so I finally broke down and created his account. I can't believe he's old enough to log his own!

Anyhow.. this isn't a sponsored post (although it should be!) it's just a heads up for a great family-friendly, super fun activity that I've recently re-found. If you hop on add me as a friend!

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