I went on vacation and took 3 pictures. That means I was having a great vacation!

I went on vacation and haven't updated my blog properly in a week. That means I'm having a hard time recovering from said vacation.

I went on vacation and realized I love cruising. I already knew that before this cruise vacation but it just totally reiterated the fact.

I went on vacation and now I find myself trying to plan cruise vacations for this fall.. even though I know we can't afford it. But I'm totally looking ahead for the next one just to make sure we don't miss a great deal.

I went on vacation and now I want to go on a cruise with so many people for so many different reasons. I have friends that I know would be SO much fun to cruise with. Mainly because they are super cool and have children too and Nikkos wouldn't be the littlest dude on board with no one to play with. But seriously, I think there are some folks that going on a cruise with would just make the cruise that much more fun - I have one friend in mind who would probably walk away from a cruise with people knowing his name, he's just memorable like that.. I have another family of friends who I would love to cruise with  because (they are awesome of course) but then I wouldn't be the only one ordering non-alcoholic drinks by myself all the time!  I have another family of friends I want to cruise with because we are all so much a like, it would be like cruising with our clones, which would make it double awesome squared! Ok.. enough of this I have so many friends I want to go cruising with I could dedicate an entire post to it (and I almost have...)

I went on vacation over a week ago and still can't get used to my 5:45 am alarm.

I went on vacation and now I just can't get out of vacation mode... the fact that I still have passports laying in the same spot I put them the night we got home and that I haven't cleaned the shower yet may or may not be proof of that (it could just prove I'm always lazy, I just have vacation to blame it on now)

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