I got invited to the Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System BzzCampain through BzzAgent and was super excited because it's growing time!

The one thing this system has going for it is ease of use. I mean what could be easier than literally putting in the tablet, screwing it on to your hose and spraying?

The results are nice, however I think I was expecting more. I haven't seen any spectacular growth or more blooms compared to my normal "feeding routine" so in my experience I can say it works at least as good as some of the other feeders out there - just a heck of a lot easier to apply.

Now, the real plus side to all of this is that I received my Pennington Smart Feed System FREE from BzzAgent. In my BzzKit I got:

  • A FREE Pennington® Smart Feed Sprayer hose attachment that includes two Smart Feed All Purpose Fertilizer Tablets
  • A FREE tube of four Smart Feed Flowers & Blooms Fertilizer Tablets
  • Coupons to share with family and friends who spend a lot of time maintaining their yards
Yeah, it was super cool to get free garden swag and get to try it out and frankly, I probably will switch because it's just so much easier to apply! So if you're into gardening and such and want to try out a new product, I'd put this in my "Go get it!" category.

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