I love reading and I love my Nook.

I had did my research and was an early adopter and had my Nook (1st gen) pre-ordered months before they were released. I went through the whole debacle of my case cracking and although I totally forgot to post about it, Barnes & Noble sent me a new one - badda bing badda boom. When the Nook Simple Touch came out, I was on it. I handed down my 1st gen Nook to my younger cousin and grabbed the first Simple Touch. Then they released the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight. Boom! Sold my Simple Touch on CraigsList and grabbed my Simple Touch with GlowLight.

Yes. I've avoided the Nook Color and Nook Tablets because I have a full Android tablet. I don't need one. Plus, I love me some eInk!!

But all of that was really just background. The whole reason I wanted to share this post is because I've had my Nook Simple Touch GlowLight forever now and of course when I first got it, the first thing I wanted to do was change my screensaver from the weird looking authors pictures. My only other option was "nature" which was fine but seriously.. BORING.

So me being the savvy Nook user I plugged my Nook into my PC, hopped into the screensaver folder and... nothing. Um. Hello? How do I change it? I copied pictures into the screensaver folder and... nadda. Zip. Zilch. Still nature.

Finally, I was reading on the B&N Book club forums and someone mentioned that you had to create a folder for new screen savers, they couldn't be in the root of the screensaver's folder. So I created my new folder, copied a picture into it and when I went back to my "Screens" menu, BOOM.. there was my folder name!

Why this took me so long to figure out I have no idea.

So here's the run through for ya..

Plug your Nook into your computer and go to the screensavers folder
Inside the screensavers folder create a descriptive folder for your new screensaver

Inside of your new folder, copy a picture that you want to use for a screensaver (really any will do!)

Now, eject your Nook from the computer so you can access your Nook menus.

Go to your Nook's settings menu and select Screen (oops don't mind the flash!)

See that Settings down there... yeah touch that one.

Select Screen from the list

Touch the dropdown arrow next to Screensaver

See your new folder in there you created?
Yeah! Touch the radio button for your folder.

Now here's the fun part! Press the "N" button on your Nook to put it to sleep and...
VIOLA... your new screen saver!

There ya have it. If you can't follow those instructions then I don't know what to tell ya!

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