Ever have a 5 minute moment in time that starts off feeling pretty normal but turns into something awesome?
This is one of those moments.

Today my son and I were riding home from church. Our typical riding-home-from-church-conversation is I ask him what he learned in Primary (the kids Sunday School like class) and he usually gives me a one sentence synopsis and then spends the next 5 minutes trying to avoid talking to me about it.

Today was a little different. Actually it was a lot different.

I asked the kiddo what he did in Primary and his reply was, "we talked about baptism and some other stuff" and then he went quiet. I figured this would be his normal moment of silence until I asked him something else and then he'd go about his avoidance by trying to change the subject.
But just as I was going to ask him what he learned about baptism he cut me off. He said he was lucky to have a great family, that he was happy to have his Papou (his Greek grandfather) live with us and that most kids don't have their grandparents live with them so that it was pretty neat. He talked about how cool it was that his Grammie & Grampie (my parents) were going to be living right across the street. Then he started talking all about how much he loved his family and that he wants to be a forever family. Us LDS folks call forever families, those families that have been sealed for all time an eternity in the Temple.

Then the conversation went from normal to awesome.

He said that as he was talking about this his heart felt really happy, that it was a great feeling but he couldn't really explain it. That when he talks about things like his family he gets a great feeling in his heart.

I explained to him that what he was feeling was Holy Ghost. I explained to him that the Holy Ghost will be with him and can give him messages to help him to understand things and even to give him warnings but that is how God can speak to our spirit to help us know things are true.

He was so happy to finally understand what the Holy Ghost feels like and why he feels that way.  And I was so happy to be able to not miss this moment to help him grow spiritually and share this testimony building experience with him. His joy and happiness was just amazing during this 20 minute ride home.

It's these moments.. these small moments that I hope will make eternal marks in his life.

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