There is a girl that I absolutely love and adore. No, not like that ya'll. But if I were like that, she' probably be my crush. Her name is Bon and she has a fun blog called... Life of Bon. Really her name is Bonnie, but I like to call her Bon like I know her in real life or something.

She recently posted about her summer goals and because I want to wear her skin as a coat I thought that was such a good idea, I'm borrowing that idea from her! Thanks Bon.

So it's June 3rd, my son is at his first day of Summer Camp and I... I am at work. Nothing has changed for me other than wearing sandals every day in an attempt to skirt the "no flip flops" rule. And because I work, my summer goals aren't quite as foot-loose-and-fancy-free as some but hey, I'll take what I can get.

1. Vacation

mythical beach with no crowd
No problem! I'll be on a boat in a couple of weeks. A big one. In the ocean. Headed for a tropical destination. I plan on drinking drinks with little umbrellas and applying lots of sunscreen.

By the way, why don't the beaches I go to ever look like that? No, no why is the sand white and the ocean blue. But why is there NO ONE there! Do these beaches even exist?

2. Read
my nook.. and dog.
This is a 2-part goal. I really do plan on reading a lot more books in general but I want to get back to my "chapter-a-day" of scripture reading. That is a serious testimony builder right there. I really enjoyed the last time I did it and I just like having the scriptures as a daily part of my life.

But on the other books note, Deeply Odd by Dean Koontz was just released today!! SQUEEE! Downloading now! And seriously I can't wait for June 24th for the release of James Rollins The Eye of God, then later this summer the 3rd book of the Divergent series (Allegiant), Stephen King's Sleep Doctor (the sequeal to The Shining). Holy cow talk about summer reading!!

3. Go to the Temple, lots.
So this may not be so easy but I'm going to try. I'd really like to go at least once every 2 months if not once every month.

I can't explain the peace and beauty of the Temple. I want to go as much as I can while I can. I want to go to LOTS of Temples. I want to be the Temple-Runner (oh that's cheesy...) but I think it would be so fun to go visit as many Temples as I can.

4. Camp
Huntington Beach State Park, Myrtle Beach SC
I want to smell campfire! When it's burning, not when it's been put out and smells like stinky ash.

One place I really want to camp is at Huntington Beach State Park in Myrtle Beach. I'm thinking because we haven't made reservations and summer is almost on top of us - I may be out of luck. But I'm still going to try!!

But if I can't make it there, I just really want to get camping somewhere.

5. Blog
This is really harder than it sounds because when I get busy the ole' blog always seems to be the thing that takes the backseat.
Although I'm hoping I'll  have tons of fun adventures to blog about - I like to talk about real things too. Life. Not just the travels. I'm not fashion blogger (thank goodness, I spend enough money on clothes as it is) and plus, I've never bought (nor plan to) anything from J. Crew - so I'm automatically disqualified.

6. Take a photography class
There's a place here locally that offers some pretty cool photography classes. I know because a friend went to one and said... and I quote... it was pretty cool... so it must be. Plus, I have this awesome Nikon 5100 and I think I should know how to use all that awesomeness.

And I guess I should add to this that I'd like to take more pictures. Not just pictures of my son's baseball games, either. Not that I don't enjoy snapping off 200 or so cute little shots of them missing hitting the ball and all, but I want to get into a little more creative shots - that's why I bought it after all. That and because I used to love my photography class in high school, even if I did use it as a free period to go cruise the base.

7. Play golf
I had golf lessons given to me as a gift a couple years ago (maybe like 5 now?) and it was fantastic! I love going to the range (because I'm too chicken to go to a course, plus you have to play with friends and I don't really know anyone else that plays). So, I'm thinking I need to hit the range this summer and at least go hit a 3-par golf course in the fall.

Or at least lob some balls at the house. I mean jeez.

8. Keep the Work Out Thing Going
You know, there's no reason to slack in the summer.. in fact, I should be pushing during the summer so I don't fall into that same rut of gaining weight during the holidays.

Plus, I'm digging it. I like the way I feel - even if I'm not dropping back down to my 22-year old weight. HAH!

Oh and I love getting new workout clothes, so I might as well put the work in for them, right?

9. Relax
(No picture necessary) I really do need to take more "me time" to just chill. I find myself filling my calendar with anything and everything and then I wonder why I'm always a frantic mess.

So here's my goals. Any exciting goals for you this summer?

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