I can't even communicate how glad I am it's Friday today. It's just been that kinda week.
White belt baby! My kiddo earned his white belt from Hurricanes Martial Arts this week! He took 6 weeks of classes in his after school program and decided he wanted to continue. So his first class at the dojo and after seeing that he remembered his training, he earned his white belt! I'm really excited for him about this because he's a small kid and frankly I want him to know how to defend himself. Bullies happen people, and when they do... I just pray he remembers how to whoop up on them.

To the untrained eye, this looks like.... boxes. And they are. But the white box has my refrigerator filter in it. A replacement. A replacement that was supposed to be done over a year ago. My water not only comes out of my fridge way faster but it tastes so much better again. I can't put the value on a good filter in your fridge.

That's the side of my desk with my "Hyland OnBase Application Enabler Workbook" with a fan. I was in training for 2 days this week, it's a virtual training class so I was sitting in my office with my headphones on listening to a GoTo Meeting training class. My office is a little hole in the basement (for reals) and when my door is closed it gets super stuffy. My boss saved the day (both of them) by lending me the fan that he was borrowing. I may have to keep it. I turn it on and close my eyes and pretend it's an ocean breeze. Hey, whatever you gotta do man.

I've been studying my scriptures! I read them online from the website so I can mark them up with notes and highlights (which transfers over to my phone app as well) and then I journal in my planner. But I also have added the "2 Hour Book of Mormon" and that sucker as been awesome! I read the chapter in there first, get a really good understanding of what the chapter means, then read it in the scriptures and it all falls together so much more understandably!

Almond Joy Pieces. 'Nuff said (oh.. it's a diet killer for sure though)

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