Happy 5th of July! It's been super soggy (downright floody in some places) here in the South but it was still nice to get to celebrate Independence Day with my family!

America. No brainer. I'm seriously mushy when it comes to my country. Although we didn't really go all out this year doing the BBQ (which would have been rained out) or the party (which would have been wet) I spent the day with my husband and son and had a chance to remember what it's really all about. I'm thankful for our freedoms and for my family.

Pink eye. Hence, me wearing my glasses all week. Yeah. Not really a highlight but one I just couldn't possibly ignore. I get pink eye and strep throat more than any other human I know. It's a gift really, I'm just keeping all you from getting it by taking the burden upon myself. You're welcome. I'll take donations for my suffering thanks.

Summer Camp! My son attends summer camp every week day. He loves it. That's him being a ninja at a local hibachi place they went for lunch. A lot of his friends from his school goes to the same camp. They do fun things at least 3 days out of the week. At least! They swim at least once a week, either at a local state park lake or at the waterpark.
I want to go to summer camp. Please?

Car fresheners. Particularly this Yankee Candle Pineapple Cilantro one. It's awesome, I love the fragrance. Yes, it's overpowering at first, enough so that I had a headache every time I got in my van for the first 2 days. But seriously, once it calms down, it's fresh-o-fab smelling. Plus, my van usually smells like sweat, dirt or old chicken nuggets so this is a huge upgrade.

This really happened last Saturday, like I told ya'll. But it had to make my list. I loved my girls road trip to Atlanta for some Temple time, Cheesecake Factory and IKEA. Best therapy ever.

Here's hoping that your week has been great and that it's a great start to an awesome weekend!

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