GRASS!! WE HAVE GRASS! First and foremost, I realize that by putting this on my H54F I have doomed myself to the "boring old married person" level of blogger, but I'm sorry ya'll, I'm excited. Do you realize how hard our HOA has been riding us about this? Sure, we've kind of put it off longer than we wanted. Sure, we kind of had an eyesore going on. Sure, I can come up with a ton more excuses of why we never got around to getting the backyard landscaping done. But guess what suckas... it's done! Ok, not really done, done. But done as in we have grass now get off our backs done!

Kiddo got to be "Sensei" for part of the Tiny Tigers class (he's in the Basic class, so these kids to him were totally babies.. which he made sure to tell me about). However, if you notice in the picture, that "tiny tiger" isn't very tiny now is he? But still, my kiddo was the oldest there and therefore must be respected as an elder. HAH!

I love that face. Our dog Lola annoys me to no end sometimes. She's like a shadow, she has to be right under your feet at all times. But then... then she looks up at you.. like that.. with those eyes... it's all good.

Rising sun trucker hats! This hat is legit. Therefore, I'm legit. Too legit to quit. Nah, I'm quitting. Right now. But my hat.. on and on and on!

There is no prouder moment when you are driving home from Barnes & Nobel and this is what is going on in your back seat. No whining about wanting his DS. No growling about how hungry he is. Just quiet beauty.
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