I hate titles.
What a fun but fast weekend. Aren't they all like that? I really didn't get into much this weekend. Sometimes that's nice. Although I did have a big bout of cabin fever on Saturday night but a little drive around town cleared that up for me.

Friday my son had a friend spend the night and those are the times that it makes me wish that he had a brother or sister to interact with. For those of you who've been around long enough to have read my stories about my stillborn daughter and my difficulties with my son's pregnancy - you also know that I've basically resolved to having an only child. But I still have those moments when I do wish he had that sibling companionship.

Saturday was a blur. My parents were in town for the day and we spent the day just doing random things. Running to this store or that store or measuring their lot (they are building a house across the street from us). I happened across this video on Saturday and I think I may be the only person alive who didn't know that Brandon Flowers from The Killers is LDS. I really liked his story - for a rockstar he's go such a focus on his family. Beautiful.

Anyway, Sunday I overslept and decided to play hooky from church so I could spend the rest of the morning in my pajamas. Lately it seems no matter how much sleep I get, I'm always exhausted. This leads me into a topic that I don't think I've really talked about much on my blog.


My thyroid basically is lazy - which is called hypothyroidism. I take medication for it and the doctors say that when your thyroid levels are normal (from meds) that you shouldn't have any symptoms. I'm going to slightly disagree. Although before I was diagnosed with this there were huge symptoms - I would fall asleep after work, wake up and go to bed because I was so tired all the time. I had terrible mood swings. So bad in fact that while my husband and I were engaged he straight up pondered the idea of becoming a run away groom (kinda, I'll have to post about that later). My libido suffers (totally not getting into that) and to top it all off my hair and nails were just dry and crazy and I would work out 4 days a week and diet but still gained weight. It was terrible.

Then I got medicated. The symptoms subsided and I felt so much better. But my thyroid levels go bonkers every now and again and until I get my blood tests that show it and get my meds adjusted, I suffer a milder form of those annoying symptoms. Thanks goodness the symptoms are anything all that terrible.

But even when my levels are normal I do feel a difference. Maybe I'm blaming it on my thyroid but I can't seem to find another reason. Like now. I'm exhausted. I don't drink a lot of caffeine and haven't for at about 2 years now. But I've been tempted to bump up my caffeine intake to help out right now.

We will see. If things don't start to change here pretty soon I guess I'll make my appointment with my doctor and see what's up. But it's weird because when I was diagnosed initially with hypothyroidism (back in 2000) I hadn't ever heard of anything like it and I didn't know anyone with it. Since that time, my father and my cousin were both diagnosed with it. It seems to be a much more common thing now and it makes me wonder why. I always wonder if the symptoms are the same for others and any other remedies that people use.

Anyway, have a great Monday and hopefully you're not half as tired as I am!

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