I refuse to be a blogger who only blogs about link ups.

I refuse to be a blogger who does sponsored posts, sells ad space or does give-aways.
There's a caveat to this, I love linking to other blogs and I do that FOR REE. Also I do occasionally give something away when I can, but that's not what this blog is for.

I refuse to blog when I'm not feeling like it.

I refuse to interfere with my life to make sure I can get a blog post up. Sorry.

I refuse to let my blog control my schedule.

Ok. So that's a lot of stuff about my blog I just won't do. I hope you don't mind but I'm not into blogging for money. This is for enjoyment (hopefully yours as much as mine) so when I don't post every day, it's okay. See, if it's okay for me it's okay for you!

I just wanted to let ya'll know where my blogging lines (I just sang Blurred Lines in my head) are. I'm not dead but thank you for the emails of concern, I didn't realize that my absence really would go noticed. But since it has I just wanted to let you know my schedule! Or lack there of!

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