So last weekend I had the chance to spend an entire Saturday with a really awesome friend of mine. We took a mini road trip down to the ATL (Atlanta) and I couldn't have asked for a more fun time!

I hit the road at 5:30 on Saturday morning so I could make the obligatory stop at QT for some road-trippin' snacks (no I didn't get a slushy but it was tempting!). I grabbed my girl, Christina at 6 and we were off! The trip takes about 2.5 hours and the traffic was easy so we pulled into our first stop right on time! Plus, when you talk as much as I do in a car (sorry Christina if I talked your ear off), travel seems fast. But it was a great time getting to talk about all those things that you just don't think to talk about unless your trapped within 3 feet of someone else for 2+ hours. Bonding right?

Us! (She's going to tell me she hates her picture but I love it)
First stop... Atlanta Georgia LDS Temple. I posted pictures earlier this year from when my parents, my Aunt and I visited this Temple - but at that point I couldn't go in so we only strolled through the gardens. This time, I was going through it baby! We were able to go to a morning session and then stop by the LDS Distribution Center that's located there. This is a special store that sells all kind of Mormony things that you can't get from  regular stores. Mostly clothing items and such. So of course when we walk in I spot Wendy! (Remember she's the lady from the post earlier) and I as I was mumbling something like "Hi Wendy, do you remember me..." she ran up and gave me a hug! That is so special because this lady has to see at least a hundred or more people a day. I'm so glad she remembered me! Introductions were made between her and my friend and she went right to helping us out. I love Wendy. You will love Wendy too if you ever meet her.

So once we were done there it was lunch time. I would say figuring out a place to go was difficult but um, Cheesecake Factory at Perimeter Mall, no question. Luckily, our driving snacks were small because I ate enough for a small country. Which is okay, because we were about to walk it off.

Because there ain't no better place to walk off a big, yummy, cheesecake than at IKEA! This was my first time there and talk about overwhelming! My head was on a swivel the entire time! I'm pretty sure I could have spent all day walking through there and still not see everything. I picked up a few decor things here and there which I'll post about later (except my salad spinner, it's neither decor nor necessary to fill you in on). I can totally see myself coming back - although honestly a lot of the furniture stuff isn't my style, I'm just more of an old-world kind of girl, but gosh were there SO many little things I wanted to add around my house.

By then it was closing in on evening and we still had to drive back so we hopped back in the car and drove home! It was 8ish before I walked into my house and let me just say I was exhausted! But super fun day and can't wait to do it again!

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