Stress sucks. I mean we have study after study that talks about how stress is a major factor sickness and disease. But seriously, when a doctor tells you to reduce your stress do you just look at them and laugh like I do?

Seriously, like I choose to just stress out all the time?

So let’s see doc. How should I go about this?  Should I just quit my job, because that right now is a huge stress factor for me. But in doing that, it would mean we would be financially unstable which in turn could just possibly.. oh, I don’t know, maybe STRESS ME OUT?

Oh wait, maybe I should just hole my kid up in a closet and never let him participate in anything because having to work a schedule for 3 people in hopes of fitting everything in each day is stressful?

I know we all have stressors and it’s more about how we handle the stress. I work out (not like I should) which they say is a huge stress reliever but I've still got wicked TMJ to prove otherwise.

And if I ate half the chocolate that it would take to destress me, I'd then have to go to the gym 100 times over just so I didn't feel horrible about myself, thus causing... you guessed it.. more stress!

I don't know about ya'll but this stress thing is for the birds.
I just don’t get it.

So I'm thinking I'm just going to go find my comfy spot in the bed, close the door, pretend the world doesn't exist and read books until my mind is able to deal with all the real world stuff going on.

Where's my chocolate?

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