Ya'll, seriously the most awesome thing just happened. My kiddo lost his first tooth! I know that all kids have teeth and they all lose them but seriously, my son is 7 and is pretty much the last of all of his friends everyone to have lost his first tooth.

Back in kindergarten he swore he had a loose tooth because 2 other friends of his had loose teeth. While their teeth were popping out, his stayed put. In first grade all the kids class pictures were lopsided with missing teeth and no matter how much I told him he had such an awesome smile, he really wanted to be snaggle-toothed.

Two months ago he had a dental appointment and they could see that his tooth was popping up right behind is baby tooth and they said not to worry, that the tooth would just pop right out. A few weeks later I could see the tooth coming up behind the baby tooth and the baby tooth was rock solid. I really got worried, I could just hear my money draining from our savings to go toward the extensive dental bills we were going to have in the future. The dentist kept telling me to not worry yet, that it was looking fine. Well, fine in my book means your baby tooth falls out before the permanent tooth comes in.

But hey what do I know, right?

A month or so ago when he said his tooth was wiggly, I grinned and said "sure it is..." while in my head I was thinking, "this kid ain't never loosing his teeth" but then.. it wiggled. Just a tad, but it was a legit wiggle.

I made a dentist appointment last week because his tooth wasn't loose and the permanent tooth was really coming in and again I freaked. We walked in and the dentist said, "Wow this is really loose!". Wait. What? When did that happen? Sure enough it was pretty loose.
The dentist once again reassured me (bless his heart, I'm sure he dreads my name) that everything was fine.

Yesterday, that tooth was super loose. And this morning, it was hanging-by-a-thread-gross-me-out-loose. When I left for the gym before dinner I kept telling my son he should just let his daddy pull his tooth out and be done with it and posted about it on Instagram:

He was having none of that.
For real am I the only one grossed out by a tooth hanging by a string?

I get home from the gym and hop in the shower. The tooth was the last thing on my mind. I get out of the shower and look at my phone only to see...

It's gone. Apparently, while I was in the shower he just up and pulled it out himself.
So it's official, he lost his first tooth. Of course the tooth fairy gave me the inside tip that she was leaving the following note that she found on a really cool website.

Ah. Another milestone hit. Another memory in life made. Another moment that makes me realize my son is growing up entirely too fast. Nothing like a tooth to make you reflect on life.

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