This was totally me last Tuesday. Only I'm not the Rock and the Bishop didn't call some random kid in my backseat. Mine came in the form of an email from the 2nd Councilor. But the reaction.. totally the same.

And no lie. I react that way EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

To make matters worse. When I received the email on Tuesday he had asked if I was free to meet Wednesday night. I wasn't. Normally, I would have broken any other plans I had (hey priorities people!) but I had plans to go see a friend who is going through a really rough spot with a family medical situation and that totally trumps this meeting request (at least I think so).

So, it was put off until Sunday morning. 8:40 in the Bishop's office. Talk about a way to start your Sabbath! But we had our meeting and it went well (as usual) and now I can sit back and relax.



Oh.. you want to know what the meeting was about?

Yeah, you'll have to wait on that.... (oh I'm mean aren't I!)

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