Oh snap! It's football season! The little D5 Rebels started practice 2 weeks ago. Last Saturday the Byrnes Rebels took to the field for an awesome opening game against Apopka, FL (um, yeah we won). And tonight it starts the season for the Gamecocks! The only thing we're waiting on is the Panthers to take the field and then it'll be FULL ON FOOTBALL!

I love me some football season! Not just because I like football in general but my husband is a football fanatic (to the millionth degree) and the whole south just oozes football. I've never seen a region more caught up in football!

Plus, how can you not love a game that has rivalries that run so deep even families are split because of them.
I mean, I'm still chalking that up to why I don't get invites to certain family functions. I mean for real, why else wouldn't they want me there. Heh.

Plus, who can't pass up snarky remarks, status updates, tweets and memes? Um, this girl.

I love a good jab about my gamecocks. I love to jab back.

Carry on all you non football fans, it'll all be over with in about 5 months.
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