picture from Light Arfa Memories
I spent an amazing time in Columbia for the Time Out for Women event this past Friday and Saturday. One of the Sisters in my ward took some amazing pictures, and I'm so grateful.

We got to hear from some seriously inspirational speakers, like  Barbara Thompson, who is absolutely hysterical and so practical. Brad Wilcox spoke to us via skype on Friday evening (boy did the presenters run into travel issues)... but even still, through our digital connection you could just feel his wonderful testimony.
We heard from D.Kelly Ogden who gave such a wonderful perspective on suffering in life. Emily Watts is so witty and fun! Emily Freeman was not only beautiful but so well spoken.

We were given a little video gift of Sherry Dew and I absolutely love her. Maybe it's her sarcasm or humor that just hits me but I loved her talk. Hands down, my favorite this year was Mariama Kallon, her talk on gratefulness is still resounding in me. For a woman to come from so little and to be grateful for so much is so admirable. It makes me want to change, to be more grateful everyday.

Of course sprinkled throughout these talks we had music from the Emmy nominated violinist Jenny Oaks (not to mention her father is a member of the quorum of the twelve) and then an awesome vocal group Jericho Road, their song "For the Love of a Woman" reminds me so much of my husband that I had to buy a CD to have with me - which then I proceeded to listen to over and over on my way home Saturday night.

picture from Light Arfa Memories
(I'm on the far right in white, black & pink)

This was such a fun event to be with my friends and family at. My mom went with me and we met up with the other Sisters from our ward. I kind of stole my mom away from her ward this weekend - but that's okay, she's going to have to get used to my ward family soon anyway with her moving up and all. But I digress

I couldn't have had a better weekend. It was fun, it was uplifting and it was a great time to spend with the ones you care about.

I highly suggest anyone, even if you're not LDS, to hit one of these up, it's an amazing time.

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