Some times I just run into things that kick my dumb-o-meter in full gear. Here's this weeks....

Laundry Tycoon: Seriously, why on earth would I want to play this game on my phone when I can do it in real life... every. single. day.

Government shutdown. I posted a comment on Facebook about my thoughts on the government shutdown and it kicked up a firestorm of conversation. I obviously love having friends of varying ideas and beliefs.

I don't get all political very often anymore because I've come to the conclusion that people who have certain beliefs aren't going to change those over one argument with one person on the internet. So, I typically keep my politics to myself and I speak through my vote.

My only gripe is when people feel that my view is not acceptable. Because everyone has their opinion, none of them are "wrong", they just may not be what you like to hear.

But I'm okay with all that, I just say my peace and keep out of the argument and laugh.

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