I have a friend, her name is Lori. She hates pictures of herself typically, so I'm pretty sure she would kill me if I posted any that I had - otherwise I'd have her picture plastered up here.

We aren't as close as we once used to be - and by saying that - basically I mean we don't work side by side and we don't hang out like we used to... but she will FOREVER be a best friend to me. And I hope she knows that I'm always here for her as well.

She was there for me when I lost my daughter. She was there for me when Nikkos was born premature. She was there for me when I couldn't give Nikkos his first suppository medicine at  only a few weeks old. Now THAT my friends is how true friends are proved.

Lori has a wonderful family which include 2 beautiful boys of her own. I met her first son when he was just a toddler and I held her second son after he was born.

Lori is one of those people who you instantly love. She's full of wit and snark and southern charm. She'd give you the shirt off of her back if you needed it all the while making sure her kids made their baseball and football practices and while getting to work on time. Ok... maybe not on time.. hah!

When Lori was first diagnosed with breast cancer, it took everyone by surprise. She went through so much and she did it with a smile. Yes, it was hard and she cried and I'm sure I didn't see her at her lowest moments. But when she got through it, she would come out smiling and making jokes.

When she was diagnosed again after being in remission for quite a while, it was like being socked in the face. It's not fair. Not that someone like her, with so much going on in her life, to have to go through this again. But she faced it again. And she won.

And she's going through it again. In some ways I find her trials of cancer to be both a huge faith builder and a faith tester. I ask God, how He could let her have to face this again. But then again, it's through Him and those miraculous doctors that she's here with us to fight again.

So, with October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, I wanted to do something... any thing I could to show my support. Just like when I lost my daughter, Lori was there, showing her support with me for the March of Dimes. I know adding pink to my hair is so micro cosmically small and may not have any huge effect toward the fight against Breast Cancer. But I do know this. Every time I see that little pink in my hair, I think of Lori.

Lori, I love you. You are the most incredible person I know. You fight such a huge fight and you do it with such little complaint or anger. As my husband would say, you just pull up your boot straps and get to work. I admire you. I admire your family. I hope you know what an inspiration to me and so many others you are. I am so honored and proud to call you my friend.

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