I rolled out of bed this morning about 7:30. Took the dog out and watched her sniff around the grass for about 10 minutes before decided that she finally had to "do her business". I drank a cup of hot chocolate that I made with whole-milk, I save the fatty deliciousness for special days. I've spent the last hour or so hopping from website to website while my son sits in front of me watching YouTube videos about MindCraft.

This is my idea of Black Friday.

Why would I get up at the crack of dawn in freezing cold weather, leave my nice warm house and surround myself with not only people I don't know but some people who are seriously lacking in the manners department?

I get it. The deals. But I guess I just don't value the monetary savings as much as others. Especially, when you can find some of the same deals, or close to it, online after the crazy chaos of Black Friday. I'd much rather pay $10 more to sit on my couch in my pajamas and click the "Add To Cart" button with my hot chocolate in hand rather than be scratched and mauled in the crowds at WalMart or Toys R Us.

I remember quite a few years ago I went out shopping on Black Friday with my Mom and my Aunt. These two women are notorious for doing whatever it takes to get a deal. This was the year of the singing Elmo. It was pitch black, I remember standing out front waiting for the doors to open and then all of a sudden it was happening... the swarm of people were overtaking me, I remember looking for my mom. I was panicked. I didn't even know where I was inside of the store, the wave of people had just carried me.
The next thing I know it's over. The fluorescent lights shone down on me, I was standing almost alone - only the company of dented boxes around - and it was quiet. So quiet. I looked down and I had blood on my right arm. Was it mine? Was it someone else's? Then the stinging came. It was mine. I see my mom and my aunt with a look of glory on their face and Elmo in hand (or wait, was it the Furby year?)

That's all I remember... the next 6 hours of shopping wiped out any other memories of the day. The only thing I can say, is that memory right there is exactly why I don't go out on Black Friday.

So for all of you out there scoring 50 inch TV's for $10. I'm so happy for you. But I've been traumatized and I am still haunted.......  oh the memories......

Have a great Black Friday regardless of what you're doing!

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The week of Thanksgiving and all through my house,
The hacking and coughing scared away any silent mouse....

I've been sick the last little while. Maybe a week now. It feels like a month. But I have the solution of all solutions when it comes to not feeling well. I'm just ignoring it. It's not bad enough that I'm bed ridden so I decided to just forget I was sick - then it will all be okay. Right?

I mean, my son pretends he's someone else when he doesn't feel like being himself that day (he's been Randy from Monster University lately, but he sometimes falls back to Bugs Bunny or Kick Buttowski). So just pretending the funk ain't there should work for me!

This post really has nothing to do with me being sick though. It really is meant to be about Thanksgiving. How we focus on this one day of Thanks. Of course there is the history behind it and I love that as well. But man, did the pilgrims have as much chaos around them during their thanksgiving feast?

Did they scour Pinterest for hours on end coming up with a perfect place setting scheme for the dinner table? No.

Did they worry on end about making travel plans and not offending anyone if we didn't show up to their invitation to turkey-day dinner?

Did they worry about how fast they could get their Christmas decorations up so they could enjoy them longer or take advantage of the time off from work they had?

They were just thankful - for what they had - not what was going on, or how it looked, or how they wanted it to look or how people perceived it or how they wanted people to perceive it.

Just thankful.

Wouldn't that be nice?

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Get this printable at: My Computer is My Canvas
"doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith." - Deiter F. Uchtdorf

Last month was General Conference and it usually takes me a few weeks after to really process everything. I love watching the talks but it isn't until I really get my hands on the Conference Ensign that I can really make sense of my own notes and thoughts that I've jotted down.

This quote is one of quite a few gems that were thrown out at us at Conference. I love that. Hearing these things, maybe even just a small sentence that makes you think that it was said just for you.

This was just for me... and you... and I love it.

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my little Harry Potter
Here it is November 4th. Happy belated Halloween ya'll!

Gosh, it's been a while since I've really posted anything consistently and while it's been great for my other gazillion projects, I've really missed writing. I'm not sure if I find the process of writing therapeutic or maybe it's just the whole concept of dumping my brain out into words that I can rearrange and make sense of that I like. Either way, I can tell when I don't get fingers to keyboard as much as I used to.. other than for job related stuff and we won't even get into that.

So Halloween has come and gone and I'm perfectly fine with that. I no longer find the act of dressing up to be all that entertaining. I feel like I dress in a costume everyday when I go to work - hey, business casual can be brutal - and I'm very low maintenance, so the idea of having to put so much effort into something I'm only going to wear a few hours just seems pointless.

Our house has entirely too much candy floating around. That may  be contributing to our mood swings around the house. I think we're all hitting sugar lows or maybe it's just the cooling weather. So, I packed up a big bag of it and gave it to the Missionaries. The Elders were more than grateful and I'm sure they need the sugar rush on some days to get through the day. Win-win in my book.

So fall has fallen, the leaves are changing. In fact, this weekend will be peak leave changing time in the Upstate of SC and for the NC mountains. This is my favorite time of year. Until spring comes around, then I say that's my favorite time of year. And summer.. and winter... but whatever, it's fall and right now it's my favorite. I pulled out my boots for the first time yesterday and loved every minute in them.

I'm so glad fall is here.

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Allegiant by Veronica Roth

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

How do you finish up a trilogy of awesomeness? You can't... and no matter how this book ended I probably wouldn't have liked it, but I have to say, this last book in the series left me a little hallow in comparison to the first two.
I feel like some of the story parts were forced, the tension between Tris and Four was entirely too pushed this time. But I guess it worked in the end.

I'm not happy with the ending - but yet in another aspect, it's almost a perfect ending in a way. I could think of a million other ways for this book to end but the ending that it has, has a meaning to it. It hits and it hits hard.. so I'm not sure if it were different if it would be the same.

As soon as I finished I wanted to throw my Nook across the room. When I mentioned this to a friend she said "I'm worried!" and I told her she should be but to read it anyway...
That's my recommendation.. read it anyway, regardless if you like the ending or not, because it finishes the story.. the story of Tris, the story of Four, the story of the Factions.

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