my little Harry Potter
Here it is November 4th. Happy belated Halloween ya'll!

Gosh, it's been a while since I've really posted anything consistently and while it's been great for my other gazillion projects, I've really missed writing. I'm not sure if I find the process of writing therapeutic or maybe it's just the whole concept of dumping my brain out into words that I can rearrange and make sense of that I like. Either way, I can tell when I don't get fingers to keyboard as much as I used to.. other than for job related stuff and we won't even get into that.

So Halloween has come and gone and I'm perfectly fine with that. I no longer find the act of dressing up to be all that entertaining. I feel like I dress in a costume everyday when I go to work - hey, business casual can be brutal - and I'm very low maintenance, so the idea of having to put so much effort into something I'm only going to wear a few hours just seems pointless.

Our house has entirely too much candy floating around. That may  be contributing to our mood swings around the house. I think we're all hitting sugar lows or maybe it's just the cooling weather. So, I packed up a big bag of it and gave it to the Missionaries. The Elders were more than grateful and I'm sure they need the sugar rush on some days to get through the day. Win-win in my book.

So fall has fallen, the leaves are changing. In fact, this weekend will be peak leave changing time in the Upstate of SC and for the NC mountains. This is my favorite time of year. Until spring comes around, then I say that's my favorite time of year. And summer.. and winter... but whatever, it's fall and right now it's my favorite. I pulled out my boots for the first time yesterday and loved every minute in them.

I'm so glad fall is here.

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