The week of Thanksgiving and all through my house,
The hacking and coughing scared away any silent mouse....

I've been sick the last little while. Maybe a week now. It feels like a month. But I have the solution of all solutions when it comes to not feeling well. I'm just ignoring it. It's not bad enough that I'm bed ridden so I decided to just forget I was sick - then it will all be okay. Right?

I mean, my son pretends he's someone else when he doesn't feel like being himself that day (he's been Randy from Monster University lately, but he sometimes falls back to Bugs Bunny or Kick Buttowski). So just pretending the funk ain't there should work for me!

This post really has nothing to do with me being sick though. It really is meant to be about Thanksgiving. How we focus on this one day of Thanks. Of course there is the history behind it and I love that as well. But man, did the pilgrims have as much chaos around them during their thanksgiving feast?

Did they scour Pinterest for hours on end coming up with a perfect place setting scheme for the dinner table? No.

Did they worry on end about making travel plans and not offending anyone if we didn't show up to their invitation to turkey-day dinner?

Did they worry about how fast they could get their Christmas decorations up so they could enjoy them longer or take advantage of the time off from work they had?

They were just thankful - for what they had - not what was going on, or how it looked, or how they wanted it to look or how people perceived it or how they wanted people to perceive it.

Just thankful.

Wouldn't that be nice?

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