I rolled out of bed this morning about 7:30. Took the dog out and watched her sniff around the grass for about 10 minutes before decided that she finally had to "do her business". I drank a cup of hot chocolate that I made with whole-milk, I save the fatty deliciousness for special days. I've spent the last hour or so hopping from website to website while my son sits in front of me watching YouTube videos about MindCraft.

This is my idea of Black Friday.

Why would I get up at the crack of dawn in freezing cold weather, leave my nice warm house and surround myself with not only people I don't know but some people who are seriously lacking in the manners department?

I get it. The deals. But I guess I just don't value the monetary savings as much as others. Especially, when you can find some of the same deals, or close to it, online after the crazy chaos of Black Friday. I'd much rather pay $10 more to sit on my couch in my pajamas and click the "Add To Cart" button with my hot chocolate in hand rather than be scratched and mauled in the crowds at WalMart or Toys R Us.

I remember quite a few years ago I went out shopping on Black Friday with my Mom and my Aunt. These two women are notorious for doing whatever it takes to get a deal. This was the year of the singing Elmo. It was pitch black, I remember standing out front waiting for the doors to open and then all of a sudden it was happening... the swarm of people were overtaking me, I remember looking for my mom. I was panicked. I didn't even know where I was inside of the store, the wave of people had just carried me.
The next thing I know it's over. The fluorescent lights shone down on me, I was standing almost alone - only the company of dented boxes around - and it was quiet. So quiet. I looked down and I had blood on my right arm. Was it mine? Was it someone else's? Then the stinging came. It was mine. I see my mom and my aunt with a look of glory on their face and Elmo in hand (or wait, was it the Furby year?)

That's all I remember... the next 6 hours of shopping wiped out any other memories of the day. The only thing I can say, is that memory right there is exactly why I don't go out on Black Friday.

So for all of you out there scoring 50 inch TV's for $10. I'm so happy for you. But I've been traumatized and I am still haunted.......  oh the memories......

Have a great Black Friday regardless of what you're doing!

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