Dear Santa,
If I could take  moment out of your busy schedule to just refer you to the following wishlist, I could make this year a lot easier on you. I'm not expecting everything on the list, I mean who's going to be wearing sandals in the winter time, but seriously everything else is open season.

By the way, I was really good this year. I mean, sure I had mistakes. I missed a lot of events that I really wanted to go to and that I knew I was needed at but I had valid reasons for 99.9% of them.

More important that that is I've learned to hold my tongue very well this year. I know of 4 times in particular that I bit my tongue for the greater good. Although honestly, I don't see what the difference would have been if I would have said my peace anyway - at least it would have made me feel better. But alas, I'm learning some self control.

Speaking of self control, I've been very good financially. Which is my weak spot. My impulse buys have been almost nil and when I did indulge it was something practical - which is totally out of the norm so I'm feeling very accomplished.

And while we are talking about accomplishments, let me just say that I totally rocked at work this year. I mean first, those 4 times I bit my tongue.. all of them were at work. Way to be professional, right? Oh and I stopped bucking the system and didn't wear my flip flops to work at all this year! Not to mention that our health insurance premiums went up and our coverage went down (again, 9 years in a row), we lost our benefit of comp-time, so now any over time I put in is purely because I love my job so much that I want to work for free and here I am.. being humble about it (not really but I can try).

So Santa, I think you can see that I should totally go on your "Nice List" this year.. especially considering some of my years past, I at least deserve a Most Improved curve added on to my score, right?

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