It's Tuesday! That means we've all survived Monday (for the most part) and we've moved on.
Unless you were off yesterday, like me, and today is your Tues-Monday. And if you were also like me, you spent your Saturday, Sunday and Monday helping your parents load up the truck and move to the hills... Beverly...

No wait.. not really. I mean they are packing up and I helped them, and technically they are moving to the hills. But not Beverly. More like Upstate, SC. But hey that's not the point of this post at all!

So it's Tuesday..  for me, that means tonight I'm doing some weight training and some Zumba. Yes, I'm back on the fit thing again. Probably because I never reached my goals before getting sidetracked before.  But that's the wonderful thing about life, you can redo things over and over until you get it correct!

You know what else Tuesday means to me? It means that I've only got 2 more days until Mutual! Mutual is a weekly activity for the youth in my church and you can hit that link to read all about it.  And being that I'm part of the Young Women leadership in my church, well it's kinda important I be there. Plus, it's super fun and the girls I get to be around are just amazing.

So back to Mutual. Last Thursday night at Mutual we zeroed in on working on our Choice and Accountability #2 experience in Personal Progress. Personal Progress is a great learning tool for girls (and women) in our church to really gain some spiritual oomph. You go through and participate in these experiences, ranging from reading scriptures and praying to talking with your loved ones and church leaders and as you go through them you journal about your experiences. When you get done with them all, you've really accomplished a lot and you've really learned gained some spiritual power. Or at least that's the way I feel about it (and I'm not even done yet).

Anyway, back to Choice & Accountability #2. So we chose 3 standards from the Strength of the Youth book to improve on, you know you have a choice about how you do things in life and you are accountable for them. So, I read through the values and I had a hard time choosing. First, because things like "Dating" don't really apply to me anymore! But, after giving it a little thought and a little prayer, I finally decided.

1. Education
I can't say enough times how important I feel education is. It's important for all of us to grow as much as we can and you can't grow without learning. This means not only book smarts but life smarts and spiritual smarts!  How do we plan to teach our children or loved ones if we don't know? I was never very good in school. In fact, I skipped a lot of school. Partly because I was an idiot but also because I was afraid. I wasn't very book smart, it was hard for me and I was afraid I would fail. I didn't want to apply myself and so I ended up making school a lot harder on myself. But when I went to college, it all finally clicked. How easy it is if you just try. And what a huge reward you receive from your efforts! I loved college and I wish I could go back and earn my Masters (hey, maybe when I retire!). And I've received even more joy and enlightenment from studying my scriptures. I love Sunday School at church, I love learning the small things in the stories I've read that I didn't understand before. I would love to say that one day I'll be a scriptorian like a few awesome ladies I know who could quote scriptures on a drop of a dime. So I strive and I try and I learn.. and I study.. just like in school. Because I want to be prepared and I want to understand, especially something so important to me.

2. Language
I'm going to admit here, anyone who knew me before my son was born is probably laughing out loud right now. From the time I was a teen until my son was born I swore like a sailor. To me, words were just words. After my son was born I realized that words are just words, but some words probably shouldn't be said in certain situations (like around children). Funny how it took me having a child to learn that. But as time has passed and I've grown up more and more, I realize that your language says a lot about you. It's usually the first thing people judge you on (next to appearance) and it really is a representation of who you are. I haven't really been a big cusser in a while but there are things I do want to work on. I use "OMG" a lot in text and on social media. When I type it, in my head I'm hearing "Oh My Gosh" but that's not what 99% of the population uses that for. I also use WTF. What The Freak! Yeah, I know that's not what you were thinking, or what it truly stands for. So, I'm going to clean that up.
But cleaning up my language isn't the biggest thing, I really want to expand on it. I haven't made an effort to expand my vocabulary in while and I'd really like to do that. I'd like to be one of those people who have those beautiful words ready for any occasion (because right now.. yeah, not so much). So I am planning a word-a-day kind of thing.

3. Physical and Emotional Health
And finally... getting fit and getting my head straight. Ok, clarification here, I think I'm pretty emotionally stable for the most part. I mean, we all have our days and I can get a little overly dramatic but hey, I'm female, give me a break. But the physical thing is really important to me and I've set goals for years now and haven't really accomplished what I've wanted. So I'm rededicating myself and I'm going to really work on me. For me.

And there ya go! That's my plan. I'm really excited to hear if the Young Women have selected and started working on their values. It sounds cheesy but these kind of exercises really do have a powerful effect if you dedicate yourself to them.

PS.  You can find out more about Personal Progress HERE
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