I don't went and got a makeover! No. Not me.

My blog.

(I'll wait.. have a look around...)

Whatcha think? You likey? I likey!

It's Friday and I don't really feel like doing a High Five for Friday so guess what!
A new season of Welcome to Myrtle Manor has started! I'm not sure how well it's going to go off this season without their tattooed trailer park guy, Taylor. I'm not sure if he left to go work on new stuff (such as some reports say.. yes I follow it!) or if he left after he got arrested for messing with underage gals. Hey. I'm not judging. Inquiring minds just want to know.

Oh, but hey, if losing Taylor on Myrtle Manor just kills the whole show for you, our lovely state of South Carolina has gone out and gotten ourselves a CMT reality show (drumroll) Party Down South!  We just ooze class, I tell ya!

See... classy!  And just to clarify.. no hate here... I watch this junk so I'm not going to talk bad about anyone.. but I make make a little fun.

Anyway, now that you all can adequately judge my character by the TV I watch, I can go on and tell you about my wonder Mommy Moment of the Week. These are those moments that happen and it just reminds you that you are no longer in your prime of life, that you have a small person who you have birthed and they will point out every flaw you have ever had. The think I'm learning about this is to just own it.

So, kiddo and I take karate. And while my son walks out of each class looking no worse for wear, I come out looking like I just ran a marathon or something. Sweaty. Hot. Mess. So after class I jump in the shower, as per the norm, but this time as I was drying off and just as I was hanging up my towel and reaching for my shirt (moment of nakedness)... my son come barreling into the bathroom asking about his YouTube channel. Before he even gets the whole sentence out of his mouth, he sees my state of nakedness, eye goes wide and hand goes directly to his mouth and he turns around instantly, trying to tame his giggles.

Nothing can smack your self esteem in the face like a kid laughing at you while your naked.

Not cool, bro!

Fortunately for me, I think he was more devastated than I was. Which I'm happy to know that the thought of nakedness is more funny than it is anything else at this point because seriously, I'm not going to be ready for the whole puberty thing and having to explain the birds and the bees.

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