As I've said over and over before, I'm really putting some effort into my health and fitness. I'm hitting karate classes and working out at least 3-4 times a week. That means a lot of sweat. And I mean a lot. It is no secret that I sweat like a man. I have no idea why, but I do - so I deal. And by deal, it means I need a kick butt deodorant. So, when Influenster started the Dove Advanced Care Deodorant VoxBox, I was all about it!

So, my full sized Dove Advanced Care deodorant arrived and I've been trying it out for the last 3 weeks. I'm going to say I like Dove Advanced Care deodorant for it's moisturizing effects for sure. Not that anyone is feeling up my armpits but my skin is super soft now. It holds up great on my day to day sweatiness but the one downfall that I did see is that it doesn't quite hold up as well as my normal brand on my heavy workout days. I usually throw my deodorant on in the morning and then forget it.

So I have to say for a day to day deodorant, I'd probably make the switch because it is cheaper than my current brand. For my heavy workout days I'll either need to reapply before my workout or just apply my current brand.

So check out Dove Advanced care Deodorant on Facebook@Dove on Twitter  with #RaiseYourArms or on Instagram

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Once upon a time there was a girl who was footloose and fancy free. She planned things on the wind, and then the wind changed, so did her plans. She enjoyed the spice of life because life was spontaneous and wild. She would drive for hours just to visit the beach for a few minutes. She would take adventurous weekends on a whim.

Then one day she got married, had a child, joined the PTO and got a job that came with some actual responsibility and that all changed.

I wouldn't change anything in the world as far as my life is concerned other than just reminding myself that I can actually breath and be spontaneous sometimes, and probably do it a little more often.

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It's no secret that I'm a computer nerd. I remember in high school (class of 1993 baby!) I received the "Most Likely To Start an Internet Dating Site" superlative - and for real, this was back before the Internet was all huge. I was a co-sysop of a Bulletin Board and seriously, I geeked out big time on there. I've always been a computer junkie since then. Besides a brief stint with bartending all of my jobs were computer related and most of free time was spent on a computer. Sad, I know.

So during South Carolina's Snowmageddon 2014 I watched a documentary called We Are Legion, which is about Hacktivists. It was truly interesting to see how Anonymous originally formed. As the story took you through the formation of Anonymous and how it evolved, it struck me as so amazing, how the Internet culture has merged in with real life. And it hit me instantly how different the digital world is now.

Back in the day, you had handles and your identity was whatever you wanted it to be. Now, it's linked to your Google profile and to your LinkedIn. What you do on the internet now has a huge repercussion to your everyday life. And I'm not sure that back in the day, people really ever thought it would be like this. The Internet 15 years ago was like the wild west... it was savage, it was unexplored and usually, you went out to see what you could find and you came back scarred in some way.

Does anyone remember IRC anymore? I remember logging onto mIRC and an underground world was at your fingertips. There were channels for downloading music, hacking tools, movies, or just chatting with a channel full of other people.

The Internet has evolved so strangely and so wonderfully. But it's scary. We rely so heavily on the Internet and in all reality, it's so fragile. I know as I grew up with the Internet, I never would have seen it as it is today. I love technology, I love the advancements we make. But even with advancements it seems we take steps backwards. Instead of the Internet being a place of acceptance and one-worldness, it's angry and it's dangerous. You make one post on FaceBook or tweet an opinion on something and see how quickly it can escalate. It's like a double edged sword... you are free to share your opinions no matter what it is, but be prepared for the aftermath that comes. We want freedom of information, to all information but information is dangerous and sometimes it's scary. 

Anonymous was formed and I had I not pushed out of the Internet culture during that time, I could have seen myself being a big part of the initial movement. Like the Internet, Anonymous has evolved and I'm not sure I really agree with everything they do anymore. But it's amazing to see how Internet culture could push at least 3 major world events. It's awesome and scary at the same time.

I have such good memories of what the Internet was, I love what it is and I wonder what it will grow into. And I wonder if that's something I even want to be a part of later.


I don't check my blog stats... like ever. I don't have a dream of monetizing my blog or anything like that so counting "clicks" to me is just a waste of time.

But seriously, I just went to schedule a blog for this week and I just happened to see this...

No really that's 1215 views. In a month. I have one other post about fitness that blew up, it was posted in March of last year and it's about 80 views more than this one.

Mind. Officially. Blown.

And really? It wasn't even a really interesting post! It wasn't about something important or beautiful!

Oh well. It's a strange internet we live in.

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Dear Nikkos,
This past weekend, on February 15th you were baptized. I hope you know that it makes Mommy & Daddy so proud for you to have made this decision.

You selected very special people to participate in your baptism.

Bishop Eichhorn conducted your baptism, and because he is such a good friend and wonderful Bishop to us, you wanted him to preform your Confirmation, too. Grampie, Brother Reynolds and Elder Esplin joined int he Confirmation - these were all members of the Priesthood that you chose.

Sister Hullinger played the piano beautifully. You asked for her because you are friend with Ella and Cole and you think she plays the piano really well.

Sister Lor was the chorister. You remembered her from Primary when she would direct music for you.

You selected When I am Baptized as the opening song because we sing it before bed time almost every night.

You wanted Grammie to give the opening prayer because you said that Grammie is a great prayer sayer.

You asked Sister Eichhorn to give a talk on baptism because you love her and you think she is always so happy. She gave an amazing talk and she really loves you, too.

You asked Sister Brown and Sister Harris to sing A Child's Prayer because that is your favorite song, and Nikkos, if you don't remember it... they sang it so beautifully it made Mommy and so many others cry because it brought such a beautiful spirit.

Grampie baptized you and it was such a joyous feeling seeing you enter those waters. Did you know that your Grampie baptized me and your Grammie, too? I think it's super special that we were all baptized by him.

While you were getting dried off and dressed after your baptism, Ashley Thomas played the violin and her sister Emily Thomas played the cello for us and it was wonderful. You wanted them to play because they are so nice to you and always give you hugs. I think you might have a slight crush on them, but hey, we'll get into that when you're older.

You asked Sister Richey to give a talk about the Holy Ghost because you think she is awesome and knows so much about Heavenly Father. Honestly, Nikkos, Sister Richey is a huge reason that you have such a good grasp on the Gospel that you do right now. Between her and your Primary teachers, they have helped teach you so much and I am so grateful to them all.

You chose I Am a Child of God for us to sing as a closing prayer. That is another song we sing at bed time and is one of your favorites, and just so you know, that was your Great Grammie's favorite song too.

You asked Sister Drolette to give the closing prayer, you said she was so nice and you liked her a lot from Primary.

Nikkos, I write this to you because I will always remember this day and I want you to remember it as well. I want you to know that there are only some memories in your life that will last for ever and ever, and for me, this is one of them.

So many people who love you came to your baptism to share this special day with you. Connie, Brandi, Josh - you knew they wouldn't miss it! Susan and Dean and Chase came to be with you. Aunt Margaret of course was there. Ms. Lori was so excited and so happy to be there. Papou was there and of course me and Daddy. And so many of our ward family came to be there on this special day!  I'm so thankful for all those that could come and there were so many people who called to tell you how proud of you they are and happy for you.

Nikkos, you are a son of God. Your Heavenly Father loves you more than you can imagine. He is my best friend and has helped me so much Nikkos, I hope that you know that he will be there for you too, any time that you need him. I pray that you will grow up and love the gospel. It will be a foundation in your life that will help you in so many ways that I can't explain right now. I pray that your testimony will grow as strong as you are and that you stay active in the church and serve anyway you can. You will find so much joy from service in the church. Heavenly Father's son, Jesus Christ, atoned on the cross for you (and all of us!), so that you can one day return to live with our Heavenly Father and your eternal family. I know we will be an eternal family one day. Nikkos, I love you so much and I know that you will make Heavenly Father proud.

All of my love,

The Brass Verdict
The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mickey Haller back in action and a bunch of Bosch, of course I'm going to love this book. But the story itself was incredibly gripping. And then.. the last 3 chapters... took me completely by surprise (in an awesome way).

This is definitely on my top 10 list of books I love. Without spoiling anything, this is Mickey's biggest case upon returning to law (read The Lincoln Lawyer to find out why he left). Harry Bosch (another GREAT Michael Connelly series) the sarcastic detective you can't help but love, gets involved and there you have it.. the Michael Connelly dream team! The case is intriguing and takes Haller into quite the legal predicament but the ending - never saw it coming!

I love getting a great surprise at the end and this gives you just that.

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I'm not blogging right now, I'm busy prepping for Snowmageddon which is about to happen here in the South. That means we're about to receive more than 1 inch of snow for more than one day. In fact, we just got over our last Snowpocolypse, 2 weeks ago where we received a wicked dusting of snow that had us out of work for a day and a half.

I love living in the South.

Because seriously, when it's too cold to wear flip flops, everything should just shut down.

Now we'll go enjoy our week off  and ignore the ridicule from the Northern half of the Country, because seriously, those people come here to vacation for a reason, ya'll.

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My son turns 8 on Sunday and I'm still trying to get over the shock of it all.

7 going on 8

  • He's in the 2nd grade.
  • He's an orange belt at our karate dojo.
  • He's got an absolute love of laughter and making people smile.
  • He's smart... sometimes too smart for his own good.
  • He's taking after his Daddy so much, and that makes me happy.
  • He's got his grandmother's blue eyes & they are beautiful (even if I get asked if he's adopted a lot)
  • He's got his own sense of style and I hope he never loses it.
  • He makes me worry constantly, but that's normal right?

And in 2 weeks, he gets baptized. I've been so overjoyed and overwhelmed for the last 2 weeks or so trying to plan birthday party stuff and baptism stuff that I haven't really been able to let it all sink in. His growing older always reminds me that I'm getting older. If anything will make you realize your age, it's having kids. But it's also made me much more humble about aging. I'm glad I'm getting older because as I age, I'm seeing my son get older and I am experiencing things with him. The alternative is that I'm dead. And well, I'll skip that for now, please.

So for the time being I'm going to appreciate my kid for who is right now because I know he'll be changing and growing and I don't want to forget exactly how he is right now.

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