Dear Nikkos,
This past weekend, on February 15th you were baptized. I hope you know that it makes Mommy & Daddy so proud for you to have made this decision.

You selected very special people to participate in your baptism.

Bishop Eichhorn conducted your baptism, and because he is such a good friend and wonderful Bishop to us, you wanted him to preform your Confirmation, too. Grampie, Brother Reynolds and Elder Esplin joined int he Confirmation - these were all members of the Priesthood that you chose.

Sister Hullinger played the piano beautifully. You asked for her because you are friend with Ella and Cole and you think she plays the piano really well.

Sister Lor was the chorister. You remembered her from Primary when she would direct music for you.

You selected When I am Baptized as the opening song because we sing it before bed time almost every night.

You wanted Grammie to give the opening prayer because you said that Grammie is a great prayer sayer.

You asked Sister Eichhorn to give a talk on baptism because you love her and you think she is always so happy. She gave an amazing talk and she really loves you, too.

You asked Sister Brown and Sister Harris to sing A Child's Prayer because that is your favorite song, and Nikkos, if you don't remember it... they sang it so beautifully it made Mommy and so many others cry because it brought such a beautiful spirit.

Grampie baptized you and it was such a joyous feeling seeing you enter those waters. Did you know that your Grampie baptized me and your Grammie, too? I think it's super special that we were all baptized by him.

While you were getting dried off and dressed after your baptism, Ashley Thomas played the violin and her sister Emily Thomas played the cello for us and it was wonderful. You wanted them to play because they are so nice to you and always give you hugs. I think you might have a slight crush on them, but hey, we'll get into that when you're older.

You asked Sister Richey to give a talk about the Holy Ghost because you think she is awesome and knows so much about Heavenly Father. Honestly, Nikkos, Sister Richey is a huge reason that you have such a good grasp on the Gospel that you do right now. Between her and your Primary teachers, they have helped teach you so much and I am so grateful to them all.

You chose I Am a Child of God for us to sing as a closing prayer. That is another song we sing at bed time and is one of your favorites, and just so you know, that was your Great Grammie's favorite song too.

You asked Sister Drolette to give the closing prayer, you said she was so nice and you liked her a lot from Primary.

Nikkos, I write this to you because I will always remember this day and I want you to remember it as well. I want you to know that there are only some memories in your life that will last for ever and ever, and for me, this is one of them.

So many people who love you came to your baptism to share this special day with you. Connie, Brandi, Josh - you knew they wouldn't miss it! Susan and Dean and Chase came to be with you. Aunt Margaret of course was there. Ms. Lori was so excited and so happy to be there. Papou was there and of course me and Daddy. And so many of our ward family came to be there on this special day!  I'm so thankful for all those that could come and there were so many people who called to tell you how proud of you they are and happy for you.

Nikkos, you are a son of God. Your Heavenly Father loves you more than you can imagine. He is my best friend and has helped me so much Nikkos, I hope that you know that he will be there for you too, any time that you need him. I pray that you will grow up and love the gospel. It will be a foundation in your life that will help you in so many ways that I can't explain right now. I pray that your testimony will grow as strong as you are and that you stay active in the church and serve anyway you can. You will find so much joy from service in the church. Heavenly Father's son, Jesus Christ, atoned on the cross for you (and all of us!), so that you can one day return to live with our Heavenly Father and your eternal family. I know we will be an eternal family one day. Nikkos, I love you so much and I know that you will make Heavenly Father proud.

All of my love,