Jessica over at GlistenFit posted an All or Nothing April workout, and although I'm not following her calendar (although I do love her), it is totally All or Nothing April for me.

I'm doing a 4 week program to kick start me back into my fitness routine this Spring. Yeah, I know I'm late, we're supposed to be doing this in the winter so we all can squeeze into the bathing suits and all, but hey, I'm a procrastinator. So, I found a great 4 week nutrition and workout plan out of Muscle and Fitness Hers that I think is going to work great. Granted, I don't have kettlebells so I'm substituting in some dumbbell work. And this will be my first time EVER having to work out in the mornings. Today was my first 5am workout and I'm glad it's done but boy am I beat! That whole "working out in the morning gives you energy" thing.. apparently doesn't work for me.

The thing I like about this nutrition plan is the first 2 weeks are 1500 calorie goals and then the last 2 weeks are 1200ish calories.  So, I'm really excited to see how this goes and to see how I feel at the end of the 4 weeks. I'll be tracking my nutrition and workouts on sparkpeople (user: justjonna) and probably myfitnesspal (user: akajonna) so add me as a friend and you can keep me accountable or join along if you want!

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