I mean, more importantly is the risen Son of God, Jesus Christ. 

What? That's not you? That's me. Totes.
But see, here's the deal. I still have candy from valentine's day, and even some from Christmas and I'm pretty sure there may be some Halloween candy still lurking in that big candy drawer of ours.

And I think my love of candy has been passed on to my son. Literally, every night after dinner he grabs a piece (or 3) for desert. I can't blame him. I want to do the same. But I fear I may have instilled in him some bad habit he will have to try twice as hard to break later when he realized how many calories are in those reese's and that eating a bag of skittles at a time is just frowned upon.

So here's to a candy crush, like for real, not the game. I'm going to do a candy cleanse, so to speak. No more candy! No more sweets. If I want sweets, it's going to come from fruit. Let's see how long this lasts before I freak out and binge eat oreos.

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