If you've ever wondered about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or what we believe, this is a great weekend for you to learn. Twice a year we have General Conference, where we listen to living prophets and apostles speak.

This is my invitation to you all.... watch, and I'd love to hear your comments about your thoughts!
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Seems like there's some huge clean eating frenzy lately, maybe I'm just late to the party, I don't know. But as my husband and I are trying to be more careful about what we are eating, we've been eating more "clean" and after just a week of no processed food (hmm, is cottage cheese processed??) I'm feeling really good.

And frankly, I'm not so sure I'm really a clean eater rather than eating real food. I've got some other elements to my nutrition that I'm implementing but those are more for my weight-loss methods more than just knowing what I'm eating. I'm trying to eat high protein food cutting a lot of my carbohydrates out, except the good ones, and I'm managing my eating schedule pretty tightly.

The thing that is crazy to me is the huge difference that I feel after just a week of cutting out the junk food snacks and such. I definitely feel less bloated, I haven't had my 2 pm crash that is usually like clockwork for me, I'm sleeping really well (not sure if that's food related or not) and I've got great energy. I'm telling you, I feel awesome!

It does take a lot of preparation when it comes to eating clean. I've given up fast food completely right now (hey, I'm never going to give it up completely but for right now I will) and I have to do a lot of cooking on the weekends so that my weekday mid morning snacks, lunches and afternoon snacks are ready to go - because seriously I hate nothing more than running around like crazy every morning just to get my food ready. I'm having to shop more often because most of my food are things that will go bad faster than the whole processed stuff. But all in all, it's really working out. It seems that the extra work into the preparations seems to make it easier during the week so it all evens out.

So, here's an example of what I'm eating and I got mine out of a 4 week nutrition and exercise plan in Muscle and Fitness Hers:
Breakfast: 5 egg whites scrambled with 1/2 cup green bell peppers or tomatoes & onions
Midmorning Snack: Medium apple, 2/3 cups fat free cottage cheese, 10 almonds, crushed (in the cottage cheese)
Lunch: Turkey breast (4oz), yam
Afternoon Snack: 1 can of Tuna (water, drained), 2 cups spinach, balsamic vinegar, whole wheat tortilla
Dinner: 4 oz chicken breast, 1 cup broccoli or green beans, 1 red potato, baked
Evening Snack: (usually post workout) whew protein shake with almond milk

So there ya have it. I've mixed up a few things with my lunches and dinners and skipped the salad sometimes for my afternoon snack. This is a pretty straight forward, and kind of boring meal for me but it works so I can't complain. The great thing is that my son can eat most of these things, but he'll spice things up a little and I don't deny him the fats and fun that I am.

So there we go... I'm curious if eating clean has made a difference for anyone else!

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