So I've gotten some messages lately asking why I haven't been posting. I'm just really not good at being a consistent blogger. I've tried scheduling posts, putting ideas down in my lifeplanner, forcing myself to write a blog post a day.

I'm just not too worried about it.

I want to post when I feel passionate about posting, because if I start blabbing off at the mouth on some random day about some random topic I chose only because I couldn't think of anything better... well heck, I just shouldn't have posted at all!

If people stop reading my blog because I don't post often enough, well... okay. My friends don't tell me they don't want to be my friends anymore because I don't call them every day. I get busy (don't we all) and instead of trying to find content to post or sitting at my computer all hours of the night, I'd rather be out practicing my karate or running through the hose with my kid.

When I have something to talk about, I will... don't you worry about that!

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