7.14.2014 |

I don't typically shy away from change. In fact, growing up in the military has taught me to deal pretty well with change and in my career I've found change to be a good thing.

So about a year ago I was called into the Young Women's presidency in our ward at church. I was the 2nd Counselor and I served with some really fun and amazing women. It's probably been one of the most rewarding callings I've ever had (out of the whole 2 of them I've held). Don't get me wrong, it was a lot of work and it was incredibly time consuming but completely worth it.

This was my first time in any type of presidency role so I was learning a lot new things, like how presidencies worked, how Young Women worked, how to teach lessons, how to plan for multiple events at one time among a lot of other things - administratively speaking.

It also helped me grow tremendously spiritually. As I got to know more and more about these wonderful Young Women that I was serving, it did two important things. It reminded me of how much I needed when I was a teen and it gave me hope that I could help maybe even one girl through a struggle. And secondly, it made me pray, a lot. I prayed for these girls and for our presidency so often, just begging to know how we could serve them in the way they needed. I've never prayed so much in my entire life.

So, a few weeks ago, our presidency was released because our Young Women's President moved out west. Although I knew that the standard protocol was that when the President leaves, you have to replace the
entire presidency, it was still such an awful thought. I loved all the women I was serving with. Then the fear came to mind, what if I didn't get called back into Young Women? So the day came where I met with one of the Bishopric members and he told me that I was being released from Young Women, just as I knew I would be, and then he mentions that they would like to offer another calling to me. So the first thing that starts happening in my head is I start rattling through all the different places I could be called, and I start sweating and I smile and I try not to look terrified. And then he asks if I would be interested in being the 1st Counselor for the Young Women's program! And I immediately said "yes" and immediately my fear was replaced with questions. Who would be the President? Who would be the 2nd Counselor?

My questions were answered a little bit later in Sacrament meeting when we were all announced. And as soon as I found out who the new President and 2nd Counselor were, I was immediately thrilled, and completely intimidated, but excited! And then I was sad as well, I knew this was change. But change happens. And I'm rolling with it.

So here I am, a few weeks into our new Presidency and honestly, I feel like it works so well. It's different and that's not a bad thing.. it's just different. I like how we were before and I like how we are now. But the one thing that isn't different are the girls. And that's what I love.

I'm so grateful to be able to serve in my Church. I'm so grateful for the people who are here mentoring me and teaching me so much. I love the girls that I serve, they are amazing. I see their different personalities and how alike and different they are and I love them each for being exactly who they are. I love the ones that are there every Sunday - our rocks. I love the ones who straggle and struggle - because I know their fight. I just pray that I'm doing good work for them.

I love this journey.

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