This past Spring Break, we sprung a surprise on Nikk.

But let me backup for a moment....

We decided to go to Disney, kind of on a whim. My husband had always been hesitant about Disney because of the cost, so it rarely came up in vacation conversation. But somehow, it came up and literally my husband and I were saying, "Let's do it!" (of course, the husband had a caveat that this will be a one-time trip and we probably won't ever go back... remember he said that)

Our first trip to Disney World consisted of our me, my husband and son (naturally), my Mom & Dad and my Father-In-Law. But the more the merrier right? So we planned the trip along with our close family friends who have a son the same age as Nikk, and so they had a set of Grandparents to come along.

Considering the large group we were planning to go with, it really went smoothly.

My friend and I had an absolute blast planning everything from the drive down, to the Fast Pass selection to dinner ideas. I don't know, I love planning these types of things. It's exhilarating to see a plan come together.

So, the way our trip worked was that we left on a Saturday, just around noon. We drove from Greenville, SC to Jacksonville, FL. We stayed at the Hampton Inn - Airport in Jacksonville that night, which was a nice layover spot for us. The next morning we promptly checked out and made our way to Disney World. Of course, upon getting there we surprised the kiddo.

We stayed checked into Disney's All Star Sports Resort that Sunday afternoon and got settled into our room and hung out by the pool and got acquainted with the resort that evening. Starting that Monday, through Friday night - we partied hardy Disney style. I have so much that I could talk about with each Disney Park that I honestly think I could dedicate a post or 2 to each one. Then that Saturday morning we checked out, and drove home.

Fast forward about 4 months (to today)....

I'm about to book our next trip to Disney World again. My husband came back from our vacation totally pumped about Disney and was probably more gung-ho about booking again from the minute we stepped back into our house.

So.. here we are again... we're going to Disney!!

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